Monday, June 09, 2008

The Constructive Triangles

I finally finished making the Constructive Triangles and am thrilled with the results! It was very easy to do and really looks great!

All I did was buy the appropriate color fun foam. (I substituted the gray for purple) I printed off
the constructive triangle patterns and blue triangles (black and white versions only) from

Then I roughly cut them out and taped them to the foam. I took my time and carefully cut out the foam. I finished by using a sharpie to add the blackline to the edge for matching.

I chose to store ours in zipper bags for now, I also cut out a small control of error to toss in the bag. (more for me than Josh!) I plan to present these this week using these lesson plans.

So...what have you made lately?



Julie said...

ooohhh! makes me wanna copy you. :)

Shannon said...

Go for it!

MerrandaVK said...

Me too! The only thing I have been working on is some 3 part cards. Fruits/Vegetables since we just planted our garden and we are getting seedlings now!

Shannon said...

Check these out!

Kathy said...

Hi there
This is a good idea
for an inexpensive and
probably more kid safe
version of the triangles.
I'd be interested in a file of
your small controls? What did
you use for templates for the
Care to share?

Shannon said...

I got the triangle patterns from ~ which also included the small controls you see in the picture.

My Boys' Teacher said...


THANK YOU for reminding me of this post of yours, I DID read it at the time but thought it was much further down the line. It didn't crop up in a search in my Google Reader either which perplexes me. I think I will do this!

It's perfect because I have one of those lifetime memberships at JMJ publishing, but they have so few things available at this point I forgot to check it. I'll be happy to finally use something from there.

Great job!

Shannon said...

No problem! My Joshua is just using these and seems to really like them. I do not regret the work these took at all!

Kylie said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. These look fab. I have a JMJ membership so will be doing this asap, thanks. :)

Shannon said...

Kylie, So glad to help! We are really enjoying our sets.

nazima said...

that looks u still have the son is almsot 4 n daughter is 1 ..i am new to this..never made any material at home till now..can u help me to start..thanks

Shannon said...

The pattern is located here-->

Hope this helps! Good luck on your journey.

Unknown said...

These look awesome, i just finished making my own set. I'm so proud of myself!!