Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday Seven

  1. I am really enjoying my new job. Nothing else is getting done, the house is a mess and we are finding NO time to do extras with Josh. But I am having fun being back in the classroom.

  2. Josh is adjusting okay to me being back at work but he hates daycare. He does not really have any real reason but he would rather be at my parents the whole week instead of just the 2 days and 3 at the daycare. It is just until June - It is just until June- It is just until June!

  3. Christmas is definitely coming faster this year! We like to have our shopping done before Thanksgiving so we can just avoid the stores and enjoy the season. I am doing okay with the shopping because I mostly buy everything online. Right now I am just waiting on a few things Josh wants to go on sale. Sheesh, he sure does have expensive taste!

  4. Andrew's family has a stocking tradition in which they fill stockings for everyone and pretend it is from Santa. I can not figure out how to get this done this year. I usually just did it when Josh was at school but now I do not have that time. I need to find an online source for those items too! (you know tiny and cheap! but not too junky and useless!)

  5. We have 2 cats...have had them for about 8 years. They adore each other! That is until last week. All of a sudden our female cat started hissing and carrying on every morning when I fed them. Which also means she was not eating. It got so bad I started feeding them separately. They finally have made up but I just cannot imagine what the problem was!
  6. Joshua was Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars for Halloween. He went trick or treating but then we traded him a penguin pillow pet for his candy. It just works out best for us since he does not care for chocolate and we do not do dye! Andrew just takes the candy in to work for the guys to eat!

Joshua at my parents house after t or t!

Have a great weekend!