Sunday, September 26, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

Mexican Monday - Bean and Beef Crescent Pie

Tomato Tuesday - Spaghetti

Wild Card Wednesday - Out!

Thankful/Thrifty Thursday - Herbed Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

Fancy Friday - Still have not made the Fettuccine alfredo! So that is my plan!

Sandwich Saturday - Hot Hoagies (Andrew's current favorite sandwich!)

Sunshine Sunday - Make Ahead muffin Melts If I can pick up some farm eggs before Sunday, oh ...and figure out how to make hard boiled eggs. Just never liked never tried!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Reading Basket

I am reading...

Josh is reading...

Monday, September 06, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

Monday (Mexican) - Chicken Quesadillas

Tuesday (Tomato-ey) - Pizza Bake

Wednesday - (Wild Card) - We are thinking we will reverse Tues and Wed and go out to celebrate my new job and Josh's new school year.

Thursday - (Thrifty/Thankful) Mac n cheese and hot dogs (did not get to these last week!)

Friday - (Fancy) Fetuccini alfredo

Saturday - (Sandwich) Cheesy lemon pepper Chicken Sandwich (did not do this last week either!)

Sunday - (Sunshine) Hungry Girl Cinnalicious French Toast & sausage

I am loving this new system of having assigned days. It is making menu planning super easy!


I am going back to work (part time) starting tomorrow. I was not even looking for a job but received a phone call from Joshua's Young 5 teacher (from last year) on Wednesday. Her assistant changed jobs and they were wondering if I was interested. So, here we are 6 days later and I am back to work, eeeek!

The details are not yet worked out but they are getting there. The main issue is that I begin at 11am and Josh starts at 12. My Mom is available Mondays and Fridays to give him lunch and take him to school. Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday we are going to try to get him into a daycare for an hour. I will send his lunch and they will drive him to school. We have called 3 different places. One pretty much laughed at me for only wanting care for 3 hours a week, one has not returned my call, and the 3rd was fine with it and we are going to check them out before school tomorrow.

I have pretty much felt every emotion possible since Wednesday. I am nervous for sure, mostly about Josh. I kind of feel like I got what I wanted and now do not want it. I do want it of course but the whole daycare thing is stressing me out.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we begin another adventure!