Sunday, September 26, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

Mexican Monday - Bean and Beef Crescent Pie

Tomato Tuesday - Spaghetti

Wild Card Wednesday - Out!

Thankful/Thrifty Thursday - Herbed Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

Fancy Friday - Still have not made the Fettuccine alfredo! So that is my plan!

Sandwich Saturday - Hot Hoagies (Andrew's current favorite sandwich!)

Sunshine Sunday - Make Ahead muffin Melts If I can pick up some farm eggs before Sunday, oh ...and figure out how to make hard boiled eggs. Just never liked never tried!


Becky said...

How's it going with assistant teaching? Sorry for not commenting earlier...but congrats on your new journey!

Oh, where do you get your eggs from? Just warning you, it's hard to take the shells out of fresh farm eggs. It's easier when they're not fresh. Go figure.

Shannon said...

Everything is good but I am still struggling to balance everything.

My friend Sarah gets the eggs for me from some local farm. (Okay, I stopped being lazy and got up and checked) It is Pinehill Farms in Belding but I have no clue where Belding is! They are $2 a dozen. I need to check what eggs Horrocks carries since they are so close to me. We have been going through a ton of eggs lately!

Marikje said...

Yes, that Pioneer Woman recipe sounds delish! Boiling egss is easy...but everyone does it differently. Here's how I do it...
Set all the eggs in the bottom of a large pan, you want them in a single layer. Cover with water by about an inch. Bring to a boil. Cover with lid & remove from heat. Let sit for 10 minutes.

I drain the hot water, then recover the pot giving the eggs a good shake to crack the shells a bit. Run cold water over them, dumping out pot a couple times, then let sit in cold water for a few minutes. Remove shells. I agree...fresh egg shells don't want to come off. But at least you are going to chop them...they don't need to look perfect.

I have gotten away from fresh farm eggs, they can be pricey. Unfortunately our local Spartan store sells them so cheap. I am sure their chickens aren't treated humanely at all : (

Shannon said...

Thanks Marikje! Sounds easy enough.

I am just so sick of the constant reports of icky food.