Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where Have You Been?

Sorry everyone...once has taken over. We started a much needed project this past Sunday. We are refinishing a basement room that has been "torn up" since the water heater incident of 2005. It is actually the room right outside of the classroom. Which means...

Every last thing is shoved into the classroom and I can not get to anything without climbing over a LONG dresser to get in the room. It is truly a nightmare! But it will be well worth the hassle in the end.
This is a picture of the bare cement floor that we have been working on cleaning etc....If you look close you can see that we are still needing to pull up a few tack strips.
We would like to get some painting done in here, since the 70's style paneling is sooo dark but....

Monday morning I woke up to a broken freezer! We thought at first that Andrew had just left it open but eventually it was OBVIOUS that we needed to buy a new refrigerator. It has been a trying week of desperate search for a fridge, getting them to deliver before Christmas, emptying and refilling, buying ice, removing a too low for new fridge cabinet and cleaning. The downstairs has sort of been put on the back burner. Hopefully, once Andrew gets a water line to the new fridge and it hooked up, we can start back up. I will post pictures of our new game room and our newly arranged classroom ASAP!

Luckily, I had no intention of starting until mid September!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun Find!

We had a great day today! We all got up early and got going because we had a lot planned. Often this is not the easiest for the little man but he did great!

Our first stop was Creative Learning Toys which happens to be our FAVORITE toy store. They were having their Annual Kids Flea Market, where kids can set up a little booth, garage sale style, and sell their toys they have grown out of! We found a few fun items including Great States Junior , 3 Geronimo Stilton books , and a Toy weed trimmer! I think we spent about $8.

Next we scooted off to the John Ball Zoo for their Animal Enrichment Day! They spend the day going to the different animal areas giving them special treats and talking a bit about them. So fun to see, also gives the audience a chance to see some of the more "shy" animals. Also got a chance to FINALLY see the new lion exhibit!

We also ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants Qdoba, I highly recommend taking advantage of their loyalty card if you like to eat there. We get coupons once in a while and earn free meals regularly.

We finished the afternoon off with Josh roller skating, for the first time, in our driveway!

He is now upstairs napping (as is Daddy) and we have a surprise campfire planned for tonight!

I just love weekends when we have nothing really planned but get to fill it with stuff we want to do!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, as well!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

He's a Cut Up!

I just had to let you all know about a new to me product that I am just LOVING! It is the Kumon Workbooks! We are currently using the Let's Cut Paper! book and Josh actually asks to use it everyday! He is having so much fun cutting out the gray lines. The last several we did are actually puzzles you cut out and reassemble. These were especially nice because I added a quick lesson on using a tape dispenser to tape the pieces together. They seem to get more difficult as the book goes on...but not in a too quick way that stresses the child out.

So what are you and your children "just loving" right now!


Box Day!

I love nothing more than that time at the end of July when I place my School orders. I have been doing it as a Teacher for 7 years but in reality even as a child in school you still got a taste of it when buying back to school supplies at the store.

Confession time...I actually save up my boxes to open all at once. I usually order from at least 2 different places and of course if 1 is is likely to come in a few shipments. This year the other company I ordered from was .

I also got a HUGE BOX of goodies from my MIL who stumbled upon a garage sale of a Homeschooling Mum in the Detroit area. If you squint...or just enlarge the picture of the right side of the couch you can see the garage sale goodies...from about the crayons on over. What a great find! My current fave that she found is an Animal Habitat game! ....Gotta love a great deal!

Well hope you all are having as much fun planning the new year as I am!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cooking Momma and Me Monday (on Tuesday!)

Last week was crazy and I apparently forgot to post so here is last weeks recipe and this weeks, and only a day off! Gotta love it!

Yesterday, we made Yummy Shish-Kabobs. Original recipe from It was pretty simple but involved several skills that Josh needed to practice, including slicing and being creative! All you need is a slice of ham, a cheesestick, pineapple, and toothpicks. Everything is cut into bite sized pieces and threaded on a toothpick. Josh loved making it and ate them in RECORD time.

Finished product!

Last Monday, we made Mix. Which is a recipe we have made many times but I wanted to get it put into his recipe book. All you need for this one is a one cup measuring cup and several snacklike foods. We generally use raisins, pretzels, cheerios, peanuts, cheese crackers, and shredded wheat cereal. Put a cup of each in a big covered container or zipper bag and shake gently.

I am amazed and thrilled with the fun we are having with this. I hope to continue our Cooking Mama and me days through the school year!


Monday, July 14, 2008

100 Posts!

100 RANDOM things you may not know about me!

  1. I have not eaten red meat since middle school. I never cared for it so it is NO sacrifice!
  2. I am lactose intolerant.
  3. The smell of cantaloupe makes me gag.
  4. Monday July 14th (Today) is my 10th Wedding Anniversary!
  5. I think it is a bit strange to celebrate other peoples anniversaries and am always shocked when people call and send cards.
  6. I was married in Jamaica...a destination wedding of sorts...attended by immediate family only.
  7. I regret having a reception when we got home.
  8. I am an only child.
  9. Josh will be an only too, unless we adopt.
  10. I am feeling a glimmer of wanting to start thinking about maybe looking into ..........adopting.
  11. My husband Andrew is my best friend.
  12. We met at a YMCA camp when he was 15.
  13. We began dating 2 years later.
  14. 3 years after that we got married.
  15. 6 years after we got married we had Josh.
  16. I collect Belleek Pottery, only the shamrock pattern and the Dublin Doors Christmas Tree Ornaments (I have them all!)
  17. I have an elephant collection, but I do not care for anymore!!!!! It was inherited and is MASSIVE.
  18. I taught Kindergarten for 5 years before we started our family.
  19. I do not miss teaching other peoples children at all! (I should mention, that at the time I did love it!)
  20. I have a BS in Elementary Ed and a ZA Endorsement (Child Development).
  21. My minor was Language Arts.
  22. It took me 5.5 years to graduate from college...the requirements are steep at my Alma Mater.
  23. I started my Master, got about half way and then was too sick from pregnancy and quit.
  24. I first heard of Montessori in College and told Andrew then that I wanted to teach in a Montessori school someday. (was not thinking of my own child at that point!)
  25. The main reason Josh does not go to a Montessori Preschool was $$$$, but now I can not imagine do things differently.
  26. I have 2 cats, Wilson and Maggie.
  27. I am apprehensive about dogs.
  28. I am currently obsessed with craigslist and have spent $110 in the past few weeks on "much needed junk". (Air hockey table, Playmobil tree house, and 12 L-max Leapster games)
  29. I am a recovering caffeine addict who is currently backsliding just horribly!
  30. I eat french fries with Mayo and ketchup swirled together.
  31. My favorite type of food is .... Mexican!
  32. I also love spicy food, especially wings and Chinese food.
  33. I was bald until I was four years old.
  34. I read super fast and I generally finish a novel the same day I start it.
  35. I can read upside down as easily as right side up. (Early ELE Teacher skill)
  36. I am planning to paint our kitchen blue...but am fearing it is a bad color for resale value...eventually.
  37. I belong to several yahoo groups, including Playschool6, Montessori Makers, MM Share, Free cycle, and others!
  38. I quit Fly Lady. (and my home shows it!)
  39. I am bad at growing things--I have even killed a cactus.
  40. I am good at planning. (now following through...)
  41. I was a cabin counselor, and Arts and Crafts director for 3 summers.
  42. I also was a Cabin counselor for Camp Catch-A-Rainbow, a camp for children with Cancer. Interested? check it out here!
  43. Ladies Only...I use a Diva Cup !!! and LOVE IT! Life! changing! comfort! and ease!
  44. I can not believe I just shared that with the entire Internet!
  45. I am 4 years older than Andrew.
  46. I went to Andrew's Prom when I was in College. That was the first time we ever saw or heard the Macarena.
  47. Radio Disney is on my radio dial most often.
  48. I watch General Hospital and have since High School. (Luckily, it is on during nap time.)
  49. Most of my immediate Family/friends still do not know about this blog.
  50. I am prone to childhood illnesses. I have had the measles, chicken pox twice, I even got scarlet fever the last time I had strep throat.
  51. Andrew calls me B.
  52. I crave chocolate now... but did not like it at all before Josh was born.
  53. I even Love Love Love chocolate scented candles.
  54. I have never even touched a cigarette.
  55. Walking through smokers, even outside, makes me extremely sick!
  56. The last concert I went to was Bjork, Andrew is a big fan.
  57. Andrew and I had a long distance relationship for 3 years before we got married.
  58. Josh was born by c-section.
  59. I was in LABOR for more than 30 hours before we decided it just was not happening (he was crooked).
  60. I had a midwife and still think it was a great choice! (the support alone is priceless!)
  61. I have reddish hair, freckles and am PRONE to burning.
  62. I am a good cook.
  63. I make a killer Oreo cheesecake!
  64. I am 5 feet tall. Exactly!
  65. I drive a Subaru and so does Andrew.
  66. My middle name is Jean, after my maternal Grandmother.
  67. My fave color is red and has been for as long as I can remember.
  68. Reading through this list...I think I am boring!
  69. I CANNOT snap my fingers.
  70. I have been known to walk off with people's pens...frequently.
  71. I am a video game widow!
  72. I am slightly obsessed with Mahjong Quest for the DS. It is great to play when Josh is busy in his little pool and I am stuck sitting in a lawn chair outside!
  73. I went to Catholic parochial school until 6th grade.
  74. I had never heard of homeschooling until after I graduated from College.
  75. I have taught at a charter school, public school, and private school.
  76. My favorite movie is Practical Magic.
  77. I never miss watching Bones on TV.
  78. My Cell phone is plum (the color).
  79. And, seriously, that is about all I know about it!
  80. I am a maniac about putting things in their proper my bookmarks and downloaded files. Which means I have TOOOOOO many!
  81. I hate wearing shoes.
  82. When I was in school, I ate a PB & J sandwich everyday for lunch...all 12 years.
  83. I am the oldest granddaughter on both sides. (one of them by 9 years!)
  84. I am currently working on making my first lap book. It is about birds.
  85. I think we will eventually send Josh to school but am just living in the now.
  86. I do not know what I want to do if/when I go back to work.
  87. I never wear make-up.
  88. I love Chocolate Soy Milk, Light!
  89. I am 33. (I had to ask Andrew to be sure... OY!)
  90. I always part my hair in the same place, if I don't it hurts.
  91. My favorite book has always been Catcher in the Rye. But I love many!
  92. I am grateful to all of you, and appreciate all your support and ideas.
  93. I am a Libra.
  94. I do not even own a curling iron!
  95. I would like to learn to sew.
  96. I have never broken a bone.
  97. I have 75 subscriptions to blogs on my Google reader. (I just counted!)
  98. Our (Andrew's and Mine) parent's names rhyme....Mom's both rhyme with Ellen, Dad's both rhyme with Barry. Strange right?
  99. I really hope you find something interesting in this list...
  100. It took me 3 days to write 100 random things about me.

If you are still reading...leave me a quick comment to let me know! Stay tuned...I have lots of posts planned for the next few weeks about planning for the fall. (new curriculum items, new trays, classroom redo, etc...)


Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I cannot believe I forgot! Look who won the adorable space cadet from Jo! Obviously, Josh just loves it! And friends, it was even cuter than in the pictures. Jo sent us the most adorable package, just packed full of goodies. Including tiny picks that we have been using almost everyday at lunch. Josh just loves to spear his food! Thanks again Jo.



Sorry to everyone! I will be back soon...hopefully. I have several ideas for posts planned plus a ginormous list for my 100th but life took over this week.

Right now it is about 7:30am here and I am just sitting here waiting for 8am so I can make some calls and try to see a Dr since I think I may have MONO! Which would not be such a hassle if I actually had a Dr.

So anyway...stay tuned and hopefully I am just overreacting!


EDITED TO ADD--> Not MONO, not exactly sure what is wrong. Apparently, it may be as easy as a virus called Pityriasis Rosea.
But we are also waiting for a blood test to check my platelets?? Oh Goody!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Todays Helpful Websites

Great printable activities for Phonemic Awareness! Check this one out!! Many different games at differing levels. Activities such as rhyming, initial sounds, counting syllables, etc...

Love and Logic Check out the video clips and audio downloads. We "try" to use Love and Logic with Joshua. It is big on choices and teaching your child to solve his own problems.

Discount School Supplies This has been my "go to" for school supplies since my teaching days. Great prices, great selection. They actually have a Montessori section now too!

Kinder by Kim Check out the Jazzy Journals! Tons of great ideas here!

Just noticed I am getting close to my 100th post...


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Joshua's First Lego House!

Josh just loves playing with LEGO'S. He mostly spends his time making and remaking the tiny guys. Generally he creates a ship/car/plane thing.

His Daddy was a HUGE Lego guy as well and down in our basement is a giant tub of the more complicated pieces awaiting the Little Man to be able to use them. He knows this...

So, a few days ago, I mentioned that he would be able to play with those when he started to build more! I guess he took it to heart cause CHECK THIS OUT! No help from me. If he keeps practicing, he will have those Lego's before I am ready! Maybe I had better do some practicing myself!


Cooking Mama & Me Monday!

Another great cooking day! I did not have a lot of time this week so we just made a Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich. Honestly though, I should have showed him how a looong time ago. (But I am sure I have mentioned my control freak tendencies, right?)

Anyway...he did pretty good. Needs a bit of practice with spreading but that is easy to solve! We will have a snack this week that involves spreading something on crackers!
I am so impressed with his cookbook pages. We need to really take this further in the next few weeks. Also...I have noticed, work a bit on drawing shapes.