Thursday, July 24, 2008

Box Day!

I love nothing more than that time at the end of July when I place my School orders. I have been doing it as a Teacher for 7 years but in reality even as a child in school you still got a taste of it when buying back to school supplies at the store.

Confession time...I actually save up my boxes to open all at once. I usually order from at least 2 different places and of course if 1 is is likely to come in a few shipments. This year the other company I ordered from was .

I also got a HUGE BOX of goodies from my MIL who stumbled upon a garage sale of a Homeschooling Mum in the Detroit area. If you squint...or just enlarge the picture of the right side of the couch you can see the garage sale goodies...from about the crayons on over. What a great find! My current fave that she found is an Animal Habitat game! ....Gotta love a great deal!

Well hope you all are having as much fun planning the new year as I am!


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