Saturday, December 18, 2010

52 Weeks

It is not about this place... it is about these people!

  1. Go through/Donate/Put away Christmas decor.
  2. Hang up/Launder/Donate all the clothing in the Master.
  3. Paint the kitchen cabinets.
  4. Clean Master Bedroom.
  5. Clean out everyone's dresser drawers.
  6. Clean out Andrew's Kitchen drawer.
  7. Clean out Cat's cupboard.
  8. Reorganize pots and pans.
  9. Vaccuum out couches.
  10. Organize Family Room.
  11. Organize Living Room.
  12. Organize Dining Room.
  13. Organize Kitchen Counters.
  14. Organize Upstairs Bathroom.
  15. Organize main floor bathroom cabinet.
  16. Organize guest room closet.
  17. Organize Guest room.
  18. Organize Joshua's Books.
  19. Organize Art Supplies.
  20. Organize Coat Closet.
  21. Create Maintenance plan. Flylady????, Motivated Mom or other?
  22. Go through/donate/organize school items.
  23. List sellables on .
  24. Touchup ceiling paint oops'.
  25. Go through and donate toys/books.
  26. Repair nail pops.
  27. Garage- Throw away/put away.
  28. Garage- organize.
  29. Garage- Clean floor.
  30. Get garage window replaced.
  31. Get dishwasher replaced.
  32. Conquer Legos!
  33. Plant Flowers.
  34. Pack/donate adult books and relocate shelves for Children's books.
  35. Seriously consider trying Flylady again...maybe even give it a try.
  36. Paperwork paperwork paperwork!!!!!!
  37. Conquer the desk.
  38. Go through/organize/purge old homeschool/Montessori items.
  39. Get rid of rarely used cookbooks. (freecycle/craigslist?)
  40. Repair undersink area.
  41. Purge computer files that are unnecessary.
  42. Finish baseboard project in Living/Dining.
  43. Repair/replace/refresh all light fixtures.
  44. List Freecycle items (including Microwave).
  45. Get trees trimmed and trim bushes myself.
  46. Paint deck :(
  47. Shop for/purchase solution for living room furniture. (slipcovers?)
  48. Basement walls.
  49. Basement carpet/flooring.
  50. Wash walls (spots).
  51. Hang picture/art in dining and bathroom, etc...
  52. List house for sale.

Well, that is my list/goals. I had intended on a 365 list but quickly realized that was crazy. If I can just do one smallish project a week we can get to a place where goal 52 can be realized and that is really part of our goal. I will try to take AND post pictures of my journey. Befores and Afters!

Wish me luck! So uh, anyone know a good cheap handyman?

Inspiration from around the Web!

It is not about this place... it is about these people!

I am still recovering and now the boys are sick but I am working on a few things. I thought I would share a few goodies I have found lately...

6 SIMPLE rules

Changing Traditions Timely but....

Motivated mom's planner This is an interesting idea! But I am not ready for this kind of maintenance plan. Right now we are too buried under with all the extras.

Lego/Toy Ideas

Organizing Kid's Toys

Lego Organizing Ideas

Lego Labels

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Be Right Back!

I have Bronchitis. I have been on bed rest all week but have to go back to work tomorrow. But then just 2 days and we have 2 weeks off!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It is not about this place... it is about these people!

It is not about this place... it is about these people!

I am trying to find/create a challenge for myself. It is hard to work and be a mom and do everything that needs to be done. But to be honest.... how well was I really doing before I started working....

Do not get me wrong, I am not talking perfect house and mess of a family! I am talking happy family in a home that makes them feel loved and safe. No one is going to flip out over a few dishes in the sink or pick to vacuum instead of helping Josh with his homework or playing a board game as a family!

But something needs to be done. So from now until January first I plan to come up with, well.... a plan. A challenge of some sort that will involve me making little changes for the next 365 days. So I guess...stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

To be Continued...

It is not about this is about these people!

More coming soon!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday Seven

  1. I am really enjoying my new job. Nothing else is getting done, the house is a mess and we are finding NO time to do extras with Josh. But I am having fun being back in the classroom.

  2. Josh is adjusting okay to me being back at work but he hates daycare. He does not really have any real reason but he would rather be at my parents the whole week instead of just the 2 days and 3 at the daycare. It is just until June - It is just until June- It is just until June!

  3. Christmas is definitely coming faster this year! We like to have our shopping done before Thanksgiving so we can just avoid the stores and enjoy the season. I am doing okay with the shopping because I mostly buy everything online. Right now I am just waiting on a few things Josh wants to go on sale. Sheesh, he sure does have expensive taste!

  4. Andrew's family has a stocking tradition in which they fill stockings for everyone and pretend it is from Santa. I can not figure out how to get this done this year. I usually just did it when Josh was at school but now I do not have that time. I need to find an online source for those items too! (you know tiny and cheap! but not too junky and useless!)

  5. We have 2 cats...have had them for about 8 years. They adore each other! That is until last week. All of a sudden our female cat started hissing and carrying on every morning when I fed them. Which also means she was not eating. It got so bad I started feeding them separately. They finally have made up but I just cannot imagine what the problem was!
  6. Joshua was Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars for Halloween. He went trick or treating but then we traded him a penguin pillow pet for his candy. It just works out best for us since he does not care for chocolate and we do not do dye! Andrew just takes the candy in to work for the guys to eat!

Joshua at my parents house after t or t!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Reading Basket

Josh is reading -

Shannon is reading -

  • The Help I am really enjoying this book! It is about the relationship of women during the civil rights movement.
  • Return To Sender I have to admit, I just love a Fern Michaels book! This one has a sweet Mother/Son relationship!

Andrew is reading-

Monday, October 18, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

  • Monday (Mexican)- Chicken Fajitas
  • Tuesday (Tomato-ey)- Pizza
  • Wednesday (Wild Card)- Out!
  • Thursday (Thrifty/Thankful)- Chicken pot pies (here!)
  • Friday (Fancy)- Mexican Beef and Beans casserole Not fancy but sounds yummy!
  • Saturday (Sandwich)- Tuna salad sandwiches
  • Sunday (Sunshine)- Egg in a Hole!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's Website

Josh's teacher recommended this site for a good sight word list. There are even printable flashcards. He is in Kindergarten and is supposed to learn the 100 list this year. He can read through at least the 500 ( we have not tried the 600 yet) so instead we are using these as spelling words.

Also... Please HELP!!!
Anyone have any great resources for how to easily accelerate his work in class that I could pass on to his teacher? So far they have him using the computer on during any phonics/reading instruction. For math they seem to be trying to just have him add 1 digits when the class is just counting. They seem to not understand he can do at least 2 digits and subtraction. I would like to have some ideas when we go in for conferences in a couple weeks!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Great deal!

Check out the science kits on the Kids Woot website today! Remember this is only available today!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Autumn Ideas

Halloween Ideas-
Halloween Paper Chains Print and assemble!
Halloween Paper Toys
Creepy Witch Banner Sewing required!

Language Ideas-
Halloween Word Ladders Check other links here too!

Math Ideas-
Fall Tree Dice Game Adapted to fit your child (e.g. addition/subtraction problems)

Science Ideas-
Leaf templates
Lifecycle of an Apple tree

Family Project Ideas-
Jack O Lantern Mosaic
Papier Mache pumpkin
Hand tree

Art Ideas-
Scarecrow Paintings
How to draw a Maple Leaf
Tissue Paper Fall Leaves

Decorating Ideas
Pompom Acorns and Felt leaves
Leaf garland Turn down your speakers for this blog!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

Mexican Monday - Bean and Beef Crescent Pie

Tomato Tuesday - Spaghetti

Wild Card Wednesday - Out!

Thankful/Thrifty Thursday - Herbed Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

Fancy Friday - Still have not made the Fettuccine alfredo! So that is my plan!

Sandwich Saturday - Hot Hoagies (Andrew's current favorite sandwich!)

Sunshine Sunday - Make Ahead muffin Melts If I can pick up some farm eggs before Sunday, oh ...and figure out how to make hard boiled eggs. Just never liked never tried!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Reading Basket

I am reading...

Josh is reading...

Monday, September 06, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

Monday (Mexican) - Chicken Quesadillas

Tuesday (Tomato-ey) - Pizza Bake

Wednesday - (Wild Card) - We are thinking we will reverse Tues and Wed and go out to celebrate my new job and Josh's new school year.

Thursday - (Thrifty/Thankful) Mac n cheese and hot dogs (did not get to these last week!)

Friday - (Fancy) Fetuccini alfredo

Saturday - (Sandwich) Cheesy lemon pepper Chicken Sandwich (did not do this last week either!)

Sunday - (Sunshine) Hungry Girl Cinnalicious French Toast & sausage

I am loving this new system of having assigned days. It is making menu planning super easy!


I am going back to work (part time) starting tomorrow. I was not even looking for a job but received a phone call from Joshua's Young 5 teacher (from last year) on Wednesday. Her assistant changed jobs and they were wondering if I was interested. So, here we are 6 days later and I am back to work, eeeek!

The details are not yet worked out but they are getting there. The main issue is that I begin at 11am and Josh starts at 12. My Mom is available Mondays and Fridays to give him lunch and take him to school. Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday we are going to try to get him into a daycare for an hour. I will send his lunch and they will drive him to school. We have called 3 different places. One pretty much laughed at me for only wanting care for 3 hours a week, one has not returned my call, and the 3rd was fine with it and we are going to check them out before school tomorrow.

I have pretty much felt every emotion possible since Wednesday. I am nervous for sure, mostly about Josh. I kind of feel like I got what I wanted and now do not want it. I do want it of course but the whole daycare thing is stressing me out.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we begin another adventure!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

Before I get started, I want to share a cool idea I saw today. Check out this idea, specifically the
Mexican Monday
Tomato-ey Tuesday
Wild-Card Wednesday
Thrifty & Thankful Thursday
Fancy Friday
Soupy Saturday
Sandwich Sunday

I occasionally try to stick to a similar schedule but I really love her Wild card and Thrifty/Thankful days. Wild card, as she explains could be anything from a food whim you have or just leftovers. Thrifty/Thankful is a kid friendly cheap meal like mac n cheese and hotdogs. I love just scheduling a meal like that especially when it is likely we are going to have it anyway. But previously, it would be on a busy night when my scheduled meal just did not happen.

So anyway, I think I will give it a shot...with a tweak or two!

Mexican Monday - Mexican Flatbread Pizza
Tomato-ey Tuesday - School Open House so???? Prob. just grab something out!
Wild Card Wednesday - Cornbread & Chili
Thrifty/Thankful Thursday - Hot Dogs & Oven Fries (Beans for A!)
Fancy Friday - Chicken parm & Garlic Bread
Sandwich Saturday - Lemon pepper Chicken Sandwich
Sunshine Sunday(AKA Breakfast for dinner!) - Creamy Scrambled Eggs, toast, and sausage for the boys! (These eggs are unbelievably yummy!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday's Website

Fun kids website!

We supervise Josh on the web, so this is an approved website for him to use with me. I am not sure I would let him check this one out by himself.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

Monday - Empanadas

Tuesday - Picnic Concert! Sourdough bread, cheese, maybe some oatmeal cookies.

Wednesday - Pizza bake - We just love pizza! This seems like a quick easy version to try.

Thursday - Out with friends

Friday - Dinner with family

Saturday and Sunday - Leftovers from meals out and earlier in the week.

Last week we did not do so great with the menu! We did not have Pizza Muffins or Mexican beef and beans casserole! So maybe we will try again next week!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Affiliate Links

Do you know I use Amazon Affiliate Links? Well I do!

If you do not know what that is...
I link back to Amazon ( as a member of the Affiliate Link program) and if you click on my link and buy what I suggested, then I get a small percentage of the purchase price. You will not be affected at all!

So uh, FYI and thanks if you buy something!

See, like this --> LEGO Creator House (5891)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who is Parenting Who?

I frequently use the parenting technique with Josh where you get him started on an activity and then go get something of your own done checking in on him occassionally. It works pretty well and is especially useful for the dinner hour, especially when I set him up with something at the table.

So anyway, the other day, Josh asked if I would play LEGO with him. (We have been working on a project together...putting together again the tiny kits that came in his Advent calendar from Christmas...searching for the pieces in his big tub of mixed up pieces!) I agreed and came down to sit on the floor with him. Well, I began the search and was pretty wrapped up in it when I noticed he was off having some elaborate to do with the Lego guys.

He totally set me up! Funny Kid!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Books for Where he is at....

So, what books do your kids just love? Any great suggestion for a boy's boy who can READ but is just 6.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Menu on a Monday!

Monday - Homemade Beefaroni (We had this last week Thursday, so are going to finish up the leftovers tonight!) This was really yummy!

Tuesday - Picnic and a concert night! Meijer Garden is having a free concert series ever Tuesday night in August! We went last week and it was very fun!

Wednesday - Chicken with herbs and mashed potatoes

Thursday - Mexican beef and beans casserole with tortillas! and of course made with ground turkey!

Friday - Pizza muffins Finally, recipe here!

Saturday - Out to dinner for my Mom's Birthday!

Sunday - Egg in a hole!


Geuss who FINALLY has her laptop back? Yep ME! It has only been about 3 weeks! Just as I started blogging for real again, my laptop died!

I will post my menu later and try to get some other business taken care of as well!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu on a Monday

Monday - Shrimp & Rice Pilaf

Tuesday - Cheesy Potatoes & Ham

Wednesday - Probably out!

Thursday - Homemade Beefaroni (New to us!)

Friday - Pizza Muffins (Recipe to follow)

Saturday & Sunday - Busy weekend with 2 birthday parties to attend, so.... we may be just grabbing what we can when we can! Hope there will be leftovers to grab!

I also wanted to mention that we did NOT love the Pizza Pockets from last week. There was nothing really wrong with them, they were just not our taste, I think...
Something odd about the pie crust with pizza fixings combo!
The macaroni cheese however was AMAZING!!!! A bit labor intensive with Josh as a helper but soooo worth the extra effort!

New Recipe thought for next week? Mexican Beef & Beans Casserole

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Website

I am just loving reading through all of The Science Mommy's cool ideas for experiments to do with Big and Little Kids. Check it out for ideas to do with you Children!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Look who was featured on The Montessori Goldmine!! (Thanks Jo! )

Monday Round up!

Menu on a Monday

THIS IS LAST WEEKS MENU-- Apparently I forgot to schedule it to post. This week's will post in about an hour!

Monday - Pizza Pockets - We did not get to this last week so tried it this week.

Tuesday - The big meeting with the city night and I have NO idea what we will do for dinner! (We ended up grabbing Subway.)

Wednesday - Breakfast Sandwiches for the boys, I ate mine seperate and with NO cheese or sausage! Yeah, so I had a biscuit and Scrambled egg!

Thursday - Chicken Parmesan with Texas garlic toast

Friday - Tacos

Saturday - Baseball game! It is Star Wars night and fireworks! Pizza for Josh and I, Hot dogs for Andrew. Popcorn for everyone!

Sunday - We ended up having PB & J sandwiches cause that was all anyone had energy for after the busy weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's that Smell?

It has been a tough couple of weeks. I had just started to get back into blogging when the you know what hit the...well... basement!

July 3rd, the day our city celebrated the 4th, we were about to get ready to leave for the fireworks. Andrew thought he smelled something and eventually I smelled it too. We soon discovered the source down in the basement. Our sewer was overflowing up through a drain in the floor. The entire basement was flooded with nasty, nasty, nasty sewer water.

Well, to make a long story short, four other houses on our block were flooded too. There was some sort of block in the city's sewer. They are currently saying they are not liable for all the damage but we are meeting with them Tuesday to hopefully work things out. Please hope/pray for the best! The clean up alone was already around $5000., and that does not include all our things that were destroyed or the repair to our basement walls that were cut off about a foot up.

We have had cleaning guys in and out of the house almost everyday since the flood and are pretty tired, overwhelmed and nervous! I am off now to play Playmobil with a certain little guy. Hope you are counting your blessings as well!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Menu on a Monday

Monday - Homemade macaroni and cheese Turned out so yummy!

Tuesday - Mexican Pizza (Taco bell style)

Wednesday - Our 12TH Anniversary

Thursday - Breakfast for dinner!

Friday - Pizza Pockets

Saturday - Shrimp and left over mac n cheese!

Sunday - Skillet pasta with ground turkey

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Menu on a uh, Tuesday!

Monday - Taco Bell (tough weekend, I will share why later!)

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday - Something with cheesy potatoes

Friday - Egg in a hole

Saturday - Taco salad

Sunday - Dinner out

Friday, July 02, 2010

Worth it...

It had been a long day! A headachey, crabby Mama was putting a small boy to bed, when she kneeled on a toy that should have been picked up earlier. It took every last bit of strength she had to not yell.

Then about 9:16 when he should be asleep, the small boy came down the stairs to tell her that he just read 2 chapters from a Magic Treehouse Book.

It sure is hard to feel anger when your heart is filled with pride!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


I had to turn comment moderation back on. I have been getting a ton of spam comments. Sorry for any inconvenience, I will try to get comments posted ASAP!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday's Websites The Etsy Edition

Science Kit Love that this kit comes in a cute bag and seems to contain any necessary supplies!
Craft Kits Perfect for the Mama who is just not crafty! All supplies included.
Felt Story Sets Love these super cute sets.
Play to Learn -Felt clocks, letters etc...
Beautiful wood puzzles etc... Wow! I love the leaf shape one!
Montessori phonics activities etc... Really great jewelry too!

edited to add: Card Table houses etc... I LOVE THESE!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Want This Right Now!

Pop up Pizza It is so yummy! Keep forgetting to put it on the menu! Maybe after the fourth!

Menu Plan Monday~ June 28th

Monday- Empanadas

Tuesday- Twice Baked Potatoes

Wednesday- Eat out?? Probably Kid's Night at Buffalo Wild Wings

Thursday- Lasagna

Friday- Leftovers

Saturday- Our Fourth of July fireworks are tonight so... Hot Dogs and the fixings!

Sunday- Egg in a Hole

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summertime Craft Ideas

Wind Chime


Fuse beads An easy go to...especially for a rainy day!

God's Eyes

Reverse Tie dye Bought our cool cheap t-shirts for this project yesterday!

Bead Flowers

Bead Dragons

Bead Snakes (We have tons of beads!)


Paper Beads

Flip books

Crayon resist

Paper fold and cut chain

Papier mache Bowl I would like to try this with a real bowl instead of a balloon though!

Star wreath Perfect for right before Independence Day!

The Foamerator

So, What DO You Think?

Anyone out there watch ? We recorded and watched an episode today. I am sick again and was easily distracted, so I am not sure what I think.

Josh said, when I asked what he thought, "It was pretty good, I wasn't really watching but I was listening..."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Got Josh Back!

It is summer vacation and I am loving it!

We are mostly getting along and enjoying having our days together! We have been picnicking, playing Lego, listening to music and books on J's bday Ipod, playing with Bendaroos, jammie days/movies, visiting a Children's garden with our new membership!, writing books, drawing drawing drawing, and of course following our interests. (still Ancient Egypt for Joshua!)

As is normal for us, we have a new schedule. It is not yet settled, needs a bit of tweaking but I will share what we are working with....

8am- Breakfast (morning routine!)
9am- Learning activity
10am- Get Ready
11am- Play Outside (not happening with all this rain!)
12pm- Lunch
1pm- Play with Mommy!
2pm- Computer time
3pm- Room time
Dinner & Daddy
8pm- Reading & Bedtime

We are currently reading the first Harry Potter book together. He can read it just fine but pretty much will only read one page on his own every night.

Keeping it Real
As is the case for every family, we have our share of struggles and joys throughout everyday! Our biggest struggle right now is Josh's sassy mouth. He always knows better and more. He has struggled with this for awhile but it has become much worse after spending his first year of school with (well intentioned!) people who were a bit stunned by his intelligence.
Just today, while working with bendaroos he had a bit of a fit because the bee I created had only one body part and not the required 3. He eventually calmed down after I explained that I was just being creative not making an actual bee. OH MY!

Joys? There are many little delights but I thought I would share a funny thing Josh said today. Andrew's birthday is Saturday and I was telling Josh what I ordered him for a gift. Josh looked over at me suspiciously, and asked "Did you think that through, Mama?" Uh...why yes I did Josh...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

If you Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em!

Just over 2 months left of school for Josh! It is hard to believe how fast it went, how smooth/easy it was for him, and how hard it was for me!

It has taken all these months but I think I have FINALLY figured out a better rhythm for meeting Josh's academic needs. Initially, I thought we would just do school in the morning at home since he was attending PM young 5's. But apparently, we are too lazy to actually get much done that way. I also did not really anticipate that he would have so much homework and extra little things to do.

Another part of this year that was unanticipated was that the curriculum was really MUCH better than I could have even hoped it would be.

So what has worked? Instead of just trying to do the subjects etc... we planned, I actually was able to just add to what he was already learning. Seems obvious, right? But I honestly was not expecting to have enough substance to work with.

When I read the themes they would cover before school began I totally rolled my eyes and laughed because we had pretty much already covered all of it. And of course when I discovered she was using Core Knowledge's Preschool edition I was just reaffirmed. We did that entire book in about 3 weeks over the summer. (By the way, I <3 Core Knowledge!)

But Josh's teacher is amazing and is super into science and challenging all of the students.

For example, right now they are studying oceans. She has taught them...
  • Vertebrate vs Invertebrate (plus a bit with Kingdoms within)
  • The 5 fins on a fish.
  • Who lives where in the ocean and why.
  • and much, much more!

So I have just added bits and pieces to it. I was able to dig out the fish parts puzzle so Josh could trace and label the fins. We put together a cool coral reef puzzle and pulled out the seashell cards. It is really allowing me to incorporate the Montessori activities that I want for Josh in a way that is natural and really comfortable for both of us.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Ideas I Love

Simple Easter Printables!
Resurrection Eggs (Printable cards!)
Resurrection Rolls I have intended to do this every year!
Oh and if you dye eggs, I saw the best idea (but I can not find it again anywhere)! You put the egg inside a whisk and dip it in the dye. Easy, no mess and fast clean up!

Friday, March 19, 2010

March's Menu

We are already more than half done with the month but I will post what I remember. And of course, what I have planned.

Edited to add: It is ridiculous how much we have been eating out lately. Andrew has been working 12 hour days and a while on Saturday, which means everyone is tired... and apparently lazy (me anyway)!

  1. Conferences so we ate at Wendy's!
  2. Crockpot Chicken tacos on tortillas
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings
  4. Garlic Bread Pizza
  5. Cheesy Potatoes/Ham with salad
  6. Out to Thai food
  7. Leftovers
  8. Chicken Taquitos & Salad
  9. Grilled Club Sandwiches
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings
  11. Baked Chicken Ravioli (FAIL!)
  12. Pizza Take out
  13. Leftover Pizza
  14. Omelets and Toast
  15. Tilapia and Mashed Potatoes
  16. Chicken and Fries
  17. Buffalo Wild Wings
  18. Spaghetti-pie
  19. Garlic Bread Pizza
  20. S
  21. S
  22. m
  23. t
  24. w
  25. r
  26. Pepperoni-Pinwheels
  27. s
  28. s
  29. m
  30. t
  31. w

Ideas for the rest of the month and a few extras up to Easter (I am hosting!).

Friday, March 12, 2010

Boys will be Boys!

If you are a boy's Mommy, hop on over to The Crafty Classroom! She shares a story you will definitely relate too!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kid's Things We Like!

Josh loves a bubble bath! We have a jetted tub which makes a normal bubble bath a bit of a challenge... especially with how ours is set up.

So, anyway, a year or so ago Josh saw a commercial for a bubble bath machine in a commercial on TV. I was pretty leery...those TV things just do not seem to work the way they show.

Well, I ended up giving it as a suggestion for a family member to give Josh (in a desperate...uh, what was on his list moment). Believe me, I had NO hope of it working but...

We just LOVE the Kidkleen Bath Blizzard! It makes loads of bubbles and is super easy to use! Just toss in a tiny amount of soap, fill up the rest with warm water, shake it, get the screen wet and turn it on.

We are always amazed at how long the bubbles pour out.

Cool fun product!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday~ February 22, 2010

(starting back slowly! ...miss all of you!)

Monday- Spicy Chicken Sandwiches on whole grain rolls, spicy french fries, all out of the freezer!

Tuesday- Chicken Taco Salad

Wednesday- Baked Ravioli with Ground Turkey

Thursday- OUT to Buffalo Wild Wings (Our fave!)

Friday- Garlic Bread Pizza

Saturday- Leftovers

Sunday- Omelets, bacon, and english muffins

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eight Excuses...

for why I am not blogging!

  1. We are so happy with Josh's school/Teacher, I have not had to do much extra. I planned all that science etc... and we really have not done much!
  2. Josh is so far ahead of his class, doing extra feels like I am causing more of a problem. His teacher had him tested (with the K and 1st graders) so that she could show next years teacher how far ahead he was...ya know with real proof. His test scores were not at all what we expected. We knew he was a good reader but he scored as high (er) as the k and 1st graders do at the end of the year in Reading and Math. Of course we are proud, but we are also a bit scared...not really knowing what we should do with/for him.
  3. My laptop keeps overheating and dropping the Ii's so that I need to keep going back and adding them. We plan to get it fixed but just haven't...partially because we do not know who to call, we bought it at Circuit City a few months before they announced they were going out of business.
  4. We are still working to get our house ready to put on the market. It is slow going because Andrew works a ton (60ish hours a week) and we are just not real handy! (We still have base boards to put up, painting to do, cleaning/packing and a few jobs we will need to hire someone to do!)
  5. I have been sick CONSTANTLY. (ear infections, flu, colds, currently am coughing up my poor poor lungs!)
  6. I volunteer twice a week in Josh's class and lately have been asked to do a bit more for various reasons. I really do like doing it but see #5! (oh yeah...that is why I stopped teaching...I was always sick...anyone have an immune system to spare?)
  7. I have been journalling...with PAPER AND PENCIL! I got Wreck This Journal for my Birthday in October and finally got around to using it just lately (car pool lane is perfect for writing!) I am REALLY enjoying it.
  8. Finally, I seem to spend all my spare time playing with Lego, Playmobil, Batman, Wii. It is as it should be!

So, what have you been up to?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Coming out of hiding for a quick word about safety...

Please go HERE and read about a growing problem with young children.

Josh is 5 and never rides his bike unsupervised (or without a helmet) but it is not too far off when he will be earning a bit more independence. Of course, I have no intention of providing him with the deadly weapon from the article...Please click on the link to find out what in the world I am talking about!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Wednesday's Website

I stumbled upon this cool site a few days ago.
It is the blog associated with the website.
They are both filled with terrific math activities. The blog however highlights a timely item available on the website. Which is helpful since mathwire is jampacked full of activities and I for one find it very overwhelming to weed through!

Check them both out!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Menu Plan Monday~ January 4

Monday- Tortilla encrusted Tilapia and Half baked potatoes

Tuesday- Chicken Rice Soup from Tastefully Simple, salad, hot cheese dip and garlic toast sticks

Wednesday- Hungry Girl Cinnamonlicious French Toast with sausage

Thursday- Corndog muffins

Friday- Pop up pizza

Saturday- Potato skins from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl (Love this book!) and chicken fingers

Sunday- Family Dinner at my parents

Menu plan with me! Join in at Organizing Junkie!