Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu on a Monday

Strange food week...kind of looks like Josh planned it...

Monday- Mexican Pizza

Tuesday- Turkey dogs on coney rolls (Andrew's fave!)

Wednesday- BWW

Thursday- Stuffed Muffins

Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Easy Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Sunday- Omelets, muffins & bacon


Anonymous said...
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Stephie C said...

What are coney rolls?! I need to know haha...also what is your fave brand of turkey dogs? We are trying to cut calories where we can! I made the turkey cheese sausages for Gareth last night and he liked them so need to switch over to turkey hotdogs too since we rely alot on anything quick these days!

Shannon said...

I buy whatever is on sale or available BUT we hate the white turkey dogs. They are horrible. We also buy turkey burger to replace burger etc... in all recipes.

Coney rolls are a new england hot dog bun that are flat on the sides so you can butter and grill. They are very yummy but are hard to find. We get them whenever we see the B's. (They get them at Kroger)