Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Got Josh Back!

It is summer vacation and I am loving it!

We are mostly getting along and enjoying having our days together! We have been picnicking, playing Lego, listening to music and books on J's bday Ipod, playing with Bendaroos, jammie days/movies, visiting a Children's garden with our new membership!, writing books, drawing drawing drawing, and of course following our interests. (still Ancient Egypt for Joshua!)

As is normal for us, we have a new schedule. It is not yet settled, needs a bit of tweaking but I will share what we are working with....

8am- Breakfast (morning routine!)
9am- Learning activity
10am- Get Ready
11am- Play Outside (not happening with all this rain!)
12pm- Lunch
1pm- Play with Mommy!
2pm- Computer time
3pm- Room time
Dinner & Daddy
8pm- Reading & Bedtime

We are currently reading the first Harry Potter book together. He can read it just fine but pretty much will only read one page on his own every night.

Keeping it Real
As is the case for every family, we have our share of struggles and joys throughout everyday! Our biggest struggle right now is Josh's sassy mouth. He always knows better and more. He has struggled with this for awhile but it has become much worse after spending his first year of school with (well intentioned!) people who were a bit stunned by his intelligence.
Just today, while working with bendaroos he had a bit of a fit because the bee I created had only one body part and not the required 3. He eventually calmed down after I explained that I was just being creative not making an actual bee. OH MY!

Joys? There are many little delights but I thought I would share a funny thing Josh said today. Andrew's birthday is Saturday and I was telling Josh what I ordered him for a gift. Josh looked over at me suspiciously, and asked "Did you think that through, Mama?" Uh...why yes I did Josh...


Stephie C said...

LOL at Josh's comment to ya hahaha! I miss you guys and that little smarty pants! Hope Andrew has a great birthday! Our friend arrives this weekend and will be with us until July 8th but we NEED to try and get together in July it has been way too long!!!!

Shannon said...

Definitely! We would love to see you guys!