Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summertime Craft Ideas

Wind Chime


Fuse beads An easy go to...especially for a rainy day!

God's Eyes

Reverse Tie dye Bought our cool cheap t-shirts for this project yesterday!

Bead Flowers

Bead Dragons

Bead Snakes (We have tons of beads!)


Paper Beads

Flip books

Crayon resist

Paper fold and cut chain

Papier mache Bowl I would like to try this with a real bowl instead of a balloon though!

Star wreath Perfect for right before Independence Day!

The Foamerator


Stephie C said...

Ooh great list! Just wanted to share this shop with you I read about on another blog in case you wanted to utilize or share with other homeschoolers!

Shannon said...

Thanks Steph, the felt board items are super cute! I made Josh a ton of them awhile back. I found a felt board cheap at a thrift store and made a bunch of shapes etc to go with it!