Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's Website

Josh's teacher recommended this site for a good sight word list. There are even printable flashcards. He is in Kindergarten and is supposed to learn the 100 list this year. He can read through at least the 500 ( we have not tried the 600 yet) so instead we are using these as spelling words.

Also... Please HELP!!!
Anyone have any great resources for how to easily accelerate his work in class that I could pass on to his teacher? So far they have him using the computer on during any phonics/reading instruction. For math they seem to be trying to just have him add 1 digits when the class is just counting. They seem to not understand he can do at least 2 digits and subtraction. I would like to have some ideas when we go in for conferences in a couple weeks!


Aly in Va said...

perhaps you can ask that they do a math assessment to get a more accurate picture of his skill level. There is a "drill" like workbook called "two plus two is not five" and there's a multiplication version that we're using at home to do timed math facts...maybe they can incorporate some of that. Unfortunately, I doubt they do too much inside the classroom, could he qualify for pull out services?

Anonymous said...

We would have the same problem with needing to extend lessons, but our school system is great with clustering kids and working with them. Would your teacher be willing to go to the next grade or even 2 up and getting some workbooks or worksheet from those teachers for him?

Shannon said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I am making a list to take in to our conference!

Julie said...

thx for the sight word list! I've been thinking I needed something like this. :)