Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kid's Things We Like!

Josh loves a bubble bath! We have a jetted tub which makes a normal bubble bath a bit of a challenge... especially with how ours is set up.

So, anyway, a year or so ago Josh saw a commercial for a bubble bath machine in a commercial on TV. I was pretty leery...those TV things just do not seem to work the way they show.

Well, I ended up giving it as a suggestion for a family member to give Josh (in a desperate...uh, what was on his list moment). Believe me, I had NO hope of it working but...

We just LOVE the Kidkleen Bath Blizzard! It makes loads of bubbles and is super easy to use! Just toss in a tiny amount of soap, fill up the rest with warm water, shake it, get the screen wet and turn it on.

We are always amazed at how long the bubbles pour out.

Cool fun product!

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Stephie C said...

ooh cool beans! Maybe will put this on the list for the girls for Christmas this year!