Friday, March 19, 2010

March's Menu

We are already more than half done with the month but I will post what I remember. And of course, what I have planned.

Edited to add: It is ridiculous how much we have been eating out lately. Andrew has been working 12 hour days and a while on Saturday, which means everyone is tired... and apparently lazy (me anyway)!

  1. Conferences so we ate at Wendy's!
  2. Crockpot Chicken tacos on tortillas
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings
  4. Garlic Bread Pizza
  5. Cheesy Potatoes/Ham with salad
  6. Out to Thai food
  7. Leftovers
  8. Chicken Taquitos & Salad
  9. Grilled Club Sandwiches
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings
  11. Baked Chicken Ravioli (FAIL!)
  12. Pizza Take out
  13. Leftover Pizza
  14. Omelets and Toast
  15. Tilapia and Mashed Potatoes
  16. Chicken and Fries
  17. Buffalo Wild Wings
  18. Spaghetti-pie
  19. Garlic Bread Pizza
  20. S
  21. S
  22. m
  23. t
  24. w
  25. r
  26. Pepperoni-Pinwheels
  27. s
  28. s
  29. m
  30. t
  31. w

Ideas for the rest of the month and a few extras up to Easter (I am hosting!).

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