Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eight Excuses...

for why I am not blogging!

  1. We are so happy with Josh's school/Teacher, I have not had to do much extra. I planned all that science etc... and we really have not done much!
  2. Josh is so far ahead of his class, doing extra feels like I am causing more of a problem. His teacher had him tested (with the K and 1st graders) so that she could show next years teacher how far ahead he was...ya know with real proof. His test scores were not at all what we expected. We knew he was a good reader but he scored as high (er) as the k and 1st graders do at the end of the year in Reading and Math. Of course we are proud, but we are also a bit scared...not really knowing what we should do with/for him.
  3. My laptop keeps overheating and dropping the Ii's so that I need to keep going back and adding them. We plan to get it fixed but just haven't...partially because we do not know who to call, we bought it at Circuit City a few months before they announced they were going out of business.
  4. We are still working to get our house ready to put on the market. It is slow going because Andrew works a ton (60ish hours a week) and we are just not real handy! (We still have base boards to put up, painting to do, cleaning/packing and a few jobs we will need to hire someone to do!)
  5. I have been sick CONSTANTLY. (ear infections, flu, colds, currently am coughing up my poor poor lungs!)
  6. I volunteer twice a week in Josh's class and lately have been asked to do a bit more for various reasons. I really do like doing it but see #5! (oh yeah...that is why I stopped teaching...I was always sick...anyone have an immune system to spare?)
  7. I have been journalling...with PAPER AND PENCIL! I got Wreck This Journal for my Birthday in October and finally got around to using it just lately (car pool lane is perfect for writing!) I am REALLY enjoying it.
  8. Finally, I seem to spend all my spare time playing with Lego, Playmobil, Batman, Wii. It is as it should be!

So, what have you been up to?


Marikje Hill said...

I love hearing that I am not the only one SO busy! Thought about stopping by to see you when we left the airport yesterday, totally dissappointed about our flights being cancelled..but it was only 7am : ) I have been busy WORKING (in a preschool...yeah!), getting ready for our trip, and keeping up with Box Tops at school.

Shannon said...

You would have woke me up but I would have loved to see you!

Hope you are havng fun!

Becky said...

I've missed you! Hope we can get together soon! You know, I used to get sick all the time when I was teaching and was hoping to be more germ-free now that we're home schooling but the kids have gotten every flu this season!

I hope you get better!

Aly in Va said...

It's definetly difficult at times to "afterschool" when you feel your child is already ahead..I say just follow his lead and all will work out, it works for us :)

Stephie C said...

I am sick right there with ya and pregnant too blech....Luckily I am now on antibiotics and tylenol with codeine! Poor baby is gonna come out super doped up hahaha!

Ooh if you like Wreck this Journal you should also check out Listography-Your life in is on my current "I am gonna buy this" list!

Oh and Gabby tests at least a year ahead in her reading skills too but still needs math help (prob cause I hate it LOL) and of course there is always those social skills ;)

Shannon said...

Thanks everyone! Sounds like we could all use a bit of spring!