Saturday, December 18, 2010

52 Weeks

It is not about this place... it is about these people!

  1. Go through/Donate/Put away Christmas decor.
  2. Hang up/Launder/Donate all the clothing in the Master.
  3. Paint the kitchen cabinets.
  4. Clean Master Bedroom.
  5. Clean out everyone's dresser drawers.
  6. Clean out Andrew's Kitchen drawer.
  7. Clean out Cat's cupboard.
  8. Reorganize pots and pans.
  9. Vaccuum out couches.
  10. Organize Family Room.
  11. Organize Living Room.
  12. Organize Dining Room.
  13. Organize Kitchen Counters.
  14. Organize Upstairs Bathroom.
  15. Organize main floor bathroom cabinet.
  16. Organize guest room closet.
  17. Organize Guest room.
  18. Organize Joshua's Books.
  19. Organize Art Supplies.
  20. Organize Coat Closet.
  21. Create Maintenance plan. Flylady????, Motivated Mom or other?
  22. Go through/donate/organize school items.
  23. List sellables on .
  24. Touchup ceiling paint oops'.
  25. Go through and donate toys/books.
  26. Repair nail pops.
  27. Garage- Throw away/put away.
  28. Garage- organize.
  29. Garage- Clean floor.
  30. Get garage window replaced.
  31. Get dishwasher replaced.
  32. Conquer Legos!
  33. Plant Flowers.
  34. Pack/donate adult books and relocate shelves for Children's books.
  35. Seriously consider trying Flylady again...maybe even give it a try.
  36. Paperwork paperwork paperwork!!!!!!
  37. Conquer the desk.
  38. Go through/organize/purge old homeschool/Montessori items.
  39. Get rid of rarely used cookbooks. (freecycle/craigslist?)
  40. Repair undersink area.
  41. Purge computer files that are unnecessary.
  42. Finish baseboard project in Living/Dining.
  43. Repair/replace/refresh all light fixtures.
  44. List Freecycle items (including Microwave).
  45. Get trees trimmed and trim bushes myself.
  46. Paint deck :(
  47. Shop for/purchase solution for living room furniture. (slipcovers?)
  48. Basement walls.
  49. Basement carpet/flooring.
  50. Wash walls (spots).
  51. Hang picture/art in dining and bathroom, etc...
  52. List house for sale.

Well, that is my list/goals. I had intended on a 365 list but quickly realized that was crazy. If I can just do one smallish project a week we can get to a place where goal 52 can be realized and that is really part of our goal. I will try to take AND post pictures of my journey. Befores and Afters!

Wish me luck! So uh, anyone know a good cheap handyman?


Marikje Hill said...

How is your week by week cleanup going? Still working in J's school? I started two part time jobs (still with Whitelake Community Ed) last week & start my Early Childhood Associates classes at Baker tonight. WOW! We do have some house items to attend to as we are refinancing this spring : )

Shannon said...

Wowza you are busy! I am still at Josh's school. I work there part time.

I have done only my first weeks challenge and will post it hopefully later tonight!