Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Joshua's First Lego House!

Josh just loves playing with LEGO'S. He mostly spends his time making and remaking the tiny guys. Generally he creates a ship/car/plane thing.

His Daddy was a HUGE Lego guy as well and down in our basement is a giant tub of the more complicated pieces awaiting the Little Man to be able to use them. He knows this...

So, a few days ago, I mentioned that he would be able to play with those when he started to build more! I guess he took it to heart cause CHECK THIS OUT! No help from me. If he keeps practicing, he will have those Lego's before I am ready! Maybe I had better do some practicing myself!



Dayna said...

What a great house! Legos are so much fun.

Shannon said...

Josh LOVES legos! I am considering converting his unused train table to some sort of lego table. He was never too into the whole train thing!