Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cooking Momma and Me Monday (on Tuesday!)

Last week was crazy and I apparently forgot to post so here is last weeks recipe and this weeks, and only a day off! Gotta love it!

Yesterday, we made Yummy Shish-Kabobs. Original recipe from http://www.kids-cooking-activities.com/non-reader-recipes.html. It was pretty simple but involved several skills that Josh needed to practice, including slicing and being creative! All you need is a slice of ham, a cheesestick, pineapple, and toothpicks. Everything is cut into bite sized pieces and threaded on a toothpick. Josh loved making it and ate them in RECORD time.

Finished product!

Last Monday, we made Mix. Which is a recipe we have made many times but I wanted to get it put into his recipe book. All you need for this one is a one cup measuring cup and several snacklike foods. We generally use raisins, pretzels, cheerios, peanuts, cheese crackers, and shredded wheat cereal. Put a cup of each in a big covered container or zipper bag and shake gently.

I am amazed and thrilled with the fun we are having with this. I hope to continue our Cooking Mama and me days through the school year!



amy said...

These are both great, kid-friendly recipes! We'll definitely have to add these to our cookbook. The girls also want to add tortilla roll-ups soon. Thanks for sharing - his illustrations are so cute! :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Amy! Tortilla rollups are a great idea!