Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Geography Planning

Continent Boxes (I will post pictures when I FINALLY finish!)
A Life Like Mine (DK w/ Unicef)
Beautiful Cards by Jo!
Other Cards etc...

Core Knowledge for Kindergarten

lessons from What your Kindergartner Needs to Know

Lapbooks -


Other Geography Plans


Scroll down for Landform Cards

Imaginary Island game


volcano activity!

Family Tree

Me and My Family Tree by Joan Sweeney



amy said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with for your continent boxes! :) Natalie is starting Kindergarten at a Core Knowledge school in the fall - we're all very excited!

Shannon said...

I taught at a Core Knowledge school! I really love the program, especially for Kindergarten! I just got my hands on the NEW preschool book and am thrilled with it too! I borrowed it from the library and josh and I are going through it pretty quick...probably won't even need to renew it. He is LOVING the history sections and I am happy to have an unplanned rabbit trail from our flopping nature study!

Anyway, you will love all she learns! The continent stuff is pretty fun! Good Luck!