Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pass the Violin and Tissues, Please!

Sorry! It has been a tough month.

I have been sick on 3 separate occasions. The boys twice! We have had our house re-sided...the nail gun etc... was unbearable at times...finally finished after a week and a half. Had a fabulous know wonderful but tiring (10 hours in the car there, 12 hours back...darn Chicago!). We also have decided to stop sending Josh to his Monday 2 hour drop off playgroup. Long story... not getting into it! We plan to try a gymnastics class soon...his request?! And we are also still adjusting to having Little C part of our daytime family.

So I need to catch up on laundry! Get over this annoying cold and drink some tea laced with echinacea.

Be back soon.


MerrandaVK said...

Oh, I know. This has GOT TO BE THE MOST busiest season of my life!!! I can barely keep up with colds, and all our commitments and housework. Blogging is taking a backseat this fall :)

Amber said...

Hi Shannon!
Just a little note to say that I'm missing your posts & look fwd to seeing you back here soon :)

Shannon said...

Thanks so much! I am on my way back. Just been in a bit of a gloom. Nice to know I was missed. That helps!