Monday, May 23, 2011

Auditory Discrimination

If your child is struggling with auditory discrimination, then this list is for you!

  • Make a Sound bingo - record different noises around the house (toilet flushing, dog barking, phone ringing), take pictures of the items and make a bingo game. (can be purchased as well Sound Bingo (Games) *)

  • Play with this website Find Sounds and play a sound, have child guess what it is.

  • Memorize nursery rhymes

  • Change the beginning sounds of words like "let's have boop and smackers for lunch" Have the child guess what you are saying. (Soup and crackers)

  • Check this game out for beginning sounds practice Behind the Lions game

  • Play other sound games Sound game

  • Play rhyming games rhyme game more rhyming games

  • Check out all the great printable activities here Prekinders Rhyme activities

  • Read tons of rhyming stories (esp. Dr Seuss!)

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