Saturday, November 14, 2009

Report Card and a question for YOU!

At Josh's school they do conferences a month or so before report cards so that a "turn around" is possible. I get the idea just not sure how I feel about it yet.

However, we are really happy with our school choice still. Josh loves his teacher and is really enjoying school. He is learning a ton because the young 5 class gets to do fun stuff like all the lifecycles and only inadvertently works on letters and sounds. Which is great for Josh since he does not need that. Having said all that...

Josh brought home his report card Thursday. It is a 5 page report that covers a ton of subject areas including math, science, language, social studies, and moral focus. Their grading scale is 0-4.

0 means does not understand skill or concept yet.
1 means beginning to understand skill.
2 means at grade level.
3 means at end of year level.
4 means exceeds expectations.

The included letter stated that we should see a lot of 1 & 2's at this time of the year.

Josh got 15 4's, about 18 0r so 3's, and 5 2's.

So I have a question, did we make the right choice? Should he have gone straight to Kindergarten? What do you think? I am too blinded by my utter fondness for his teacher to think it through.

I do want to say, we are really proud of him. We knew he was bright but we really expected to have some behavior issues. He can be a bit spirited! But he does really if only he could extend that to his after school behavior....but that is for another post!


Marikje said...

I have a church friend who struggled with this bc her June bday son went into Y5s...he had some speech therapy and oral issues (reg. food textures...he was also bright (though not as much as Josh). He is now in 3rd grade and is more advanced than his classmates on some levels. Of course Josh was acedemically ready for Kinders, but I don't think you will regret starting him in Y5s. Maybe the much-loved-teacher has some classroom techniques for his out-of-school behaviors?
We just had conferences this week, and we don't get report cards until after the end of the term (Thanksgiving weekend).

Kylie said...

Does he enjoy the class or is he bored? I think that would be a big sign for you. I personally like the idea of (boys especially) being that bit older when entering school.

Academically he may be more than ready, but what about socially and emotionally (5 days a week all day takes alot out of the little ones)..I guess these are all things you have already asked yourself anyway.

Shannon said...

He is not bored and loves it! I am happy with our y5's I just wonder if it is necessary. I guess I am also in a bit of a panic about next year. Even the parents at the school keep mentioning that next year will be rough for him.

Ahh, I know we just need to enjoy it in the moment...I am just not good at that!

aly in va said...

If he's enjoying it and saying he's not bored- sounds like all is well. You can continue to enhance learning at home. I can say that Kinder usually has a mix of ability kids in there including those on the accelerated (say- those reaching chapter books) and those in the "never been taught end (still learning sounds). Hopefully the teacher will do a good job grouping them by where they are.

The girl who painted trees said...

If he's happy, leave him there. It's so important that he has fun and gets to play while he is little. Why rush him out of that, even if he is bright, as long as he is happy and feeling fulfilled?

Shannon said...

I knw he is where he needs to be right now, I think I was a bit thrown by just how high his marks were on his report card.

It is a bit scary...ya know?

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Even though my daughter is ahead of the curve accademially( about 1-2 grade level), socially we came across some issues. She turned 5 at the very tail end of August and I regestered her for kindergarten but was still going back and forth about attending it. I left her home. You are not gonna believe the difference I've seen in a couple of months. She is so much more mature now! I take her to ballet and art classes once a week and the rest of the time we are doing our usual stuff: reading, writing, got the idea.
Sounds like Josh is where he belongs. He is gonna keep you busy, of course, but he needs to get past that social experience he is having in his class and you can't teach him that. I think, you made the right choice. Talk to his teacher about giving him some extra ... maybe reports, reading lists. You are doing a wonderful job already at home satisfying his desire to learn. He is a brilliant little boy, he'll become somebody who makes a change one day.

Shannon said...

Well, aren't you the sweetest! Thanks to all of you for all your kindness! We are actually having NO shortage of activities around here. So I am in no way asking for more. Between all that I plan and all that they normally send home we are totally overwhelmed as it is.