Monday, January 10, 2011

1st week of the Big Clean Up!

It is not about this place... it is about these people!

Well, I completed my first challenge! When glancing at the list, the obvious first choice would be to put away the Christmas stuff. To be honest, the Christmas stuff is not bothering me that much but something else really is driving me nuts!

So I decided to do...

4. Clean Master Bedroom
I know I promised pictures but I actually have a good excuse for once. I grabbed my camera and ATTEMPTED to turn it on but apparently it is broken. I am hoping that I just need to buy a new rechargeable battery. So it sounds like for awhile it will just be cell phone pics!

Now on to the challenge, our bedroom was a M.E.S.S! I had a huge pile of clean clothes in front of my closet. (Andrew and I have Jack and Jill style closets) It was literally knee high and made access to my closet pretty tricky. So I grabbed handfuls of the clothes threw them on my bed and spent the afternoon sorting, folding and putting away.

We took a dinner break, then came home and removed the mattress and box spring from the bed. One of our 2 cats hangs out underneath so you can imagine how super hairy and disgusting it was. We spent about an hour vacuuming (emptying the canister over and over) and vacuuming some more!

I did some more general cleaning and organizing and the room is definitely improved. I did realize though that I need to get to 2.Hang up/Launder/Donate all the clothing in the Master.

Stay tuned to Christmas stuff for this week!

Oh and I have a question...Do you make your beds everyday?


Becky said...

You go girl!

Actually, this is the first year I started making my beds. I included it in our homeschooling curriculum. LOL! But there are still some days, I forget!

Leslie said...

Congrats on the bedroom! Way to start the new year! I do make my bed every day. I only started ten years ago or so, but I'm so glad I did. I've made it easy by using a forgiving bedspread (read fluffy), so it wouldn't pass any inspection. But I love climbing into a neat bed every night! to the kids....

Shannon said...

I had added and what about your kids to the bed making question and then deleted it! I decided who needs that kind of pressure!

If I make my bed, I use the fluffy bedspread trick as well!

Shannon said...

Good Idea! (Oh and I will answer your email soon I just have not had a chance to decide what I am selling etc...)

Stephie C said...

kinda...we just have a sheet and a quilt though so it is real easy to just pull them up quickly in the morning to have it look semi-made ;) Gabby's def does not get made.

Stephie C said...

Oh and great job! My word for this year is ORGANIZE! It will apply to our home and my schooling etc...I need to make myself a list of projects as we have many rooms to tackle ourselves. I have been trying to dump or donate a bag or more each week! So far so good! :)