Sunday, June 12, 2011

Menu on a Monday!

Monday- enchilada casserole
Tuesday- spaghetti pie
Wednesday- Out
Thursday- Cream Cheese Chicken
Friday- Pop up pizza
Saturday- Leftovers!
Sunday- frittata and muffins


Millie said...

Hi Shannon, found your blogger on here looking for dye free foods. As a mother of 3 girls, my youngest being 22 months, i am frusterated trying to find foods and prepare meals for her. We recently discovered she has a severe allergy to red dye & other names for red dye.. which is in just about everything! living in a small town, its hard to find anything at our grogery store without dyes! I see your older post has some dye free food choices.. are the dinners you prepare also dye free? any more information you have would be great! i'm really struggling here!
thanks, Millie

Shannon said...

We try to only buy dye free products. It is just easier for us all to avoid then worry about who can eat what! I have been planning on posting an updated list of products real soon. I have struggled mostly with cheese, it can be difficult to find with out dye. (annato is a food derived dye that most can use...we do) I feel for you with small town choices! Our town is not small but we still have limited choices...midwest living! We have 2 grocery store options (Meijer and Family Fare! Not even a Super Walmart or Super Target!)
I wish you luck in your journey and I assure you it does get easier! My 7 year old has not had dye (on purpose) since he was 2.

Watch for my post, I will try to get it up ASAP!