Friday, December 05, 2008

Human Body Puzzle

I wanted to share a puzzle that we LOVE! It is Your body 5 layer puzzle by Beleduc. It comes in a boy version or a girl version and is anatomically correct!
The first layer is a clothed child, then skin, muscle, organs, and finally skeleton. Josh loves this and is really learning a ton about the human body. It is great for your littles to learn body parts, and not to mention puzzle skills. Josh is going more in depth to discover the different organs and more about how the body works!

So anyway, we love it and I would definitely recommend it as long as you are aware that the boy has a penis (VERY tastefully done!).


The Freak of Nature said...

I've been really thinking of getting this. Where did you get yours and for how much?

Shannon said...

Amazon $21.95 I searched all over town for it and even had a toy store order one for me but they could not get it.

jojoebi said...

it would be freaky if the little boy DIDN'T have all his bits!
Ebi-kun loves this puzzle, we don't have it but it is a play/display item at the posh toy shop we go and ehem, play in sometimes. he always heads for this first but now it is too easy, he can do it in seconds. We have got him a 3D human puzzle for Christmas :o)