Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Training Tuesday

Hand washing!!!!!!


So I noticed Joshua soaping up his hands the other day! I was standing off to the side unnoticed and he was just rubbing and rubbing the soap. I was soo proud, that is, until he leapt off the stool and raced out of the room...you know without using ANY water at all!

Of course, I called him back in and we embarked on the latest Training Tuesday session. Well now he is racing through the hand washing but at least he is using soap and water! If only we could get him to also dry his hands on a towel......



Life With JitterBugs said...

I laughed out loud when I read this... I have a 5-yr old June Baby who WILL NOT dry his hands either... Like you, I'm happy that he will (now) use soap and water... I'm glad to know it is the AGE and not my son, with the wet hands... We also homeschool (I'm just getting myself together) so it is something we work on day by day. I'm glad I found your blog... Helps more than you know. We will be keeping up with y'all (we're from Texas)... Thanks again for the laugh and encouragement.

Shannon said...

Aren't boys the most fun! Thanks for the comment and the encouragement!