Friday, December 05, 2008

Our Advent Schedule

I have a confession...

I am totally lazy...especially during the Winter. Living in Snow up to your you know what Michigan just makes me want to stay in PJs all day and watch movies. But I can't or at least I shouldn't so instead I have to make....err I mean motivate myself to join the living...

This is a super simple task during Advent because I just make an Advent calender to give us at least one special activity to do every day. I keep these pretty simple and with minimal ingredients or I will just find an excuse not to do it!

So is our list...
  1. Write list for Santa
  2. Cinnamon and applesauce ornaments
  3. Visit Santa at the mall
  4. Set up Josh's Nativity
  5. Paper chain for Josh's bedroom tree or maybe
  6. Fireplace, movie, popcorn night
  7. Set out the race track with Daddy and race cars
  8. Sew stocking
  9. Paper snowflakes
  10. Foam Frames
  11. Play in the snow and come in for some Hot Vanilla (Josh hates chocolate!)
  12. Hand print tree or wreath
  13. Activity with Daddy
  14. Watch the Polar Express
  15. Make Crystal Snowflakes
  16. Make new ornaments for our tree
  17. Paper strip ornaments
  18. Make Snow trail Mix
  19. Put up Josh's Bedroom Tree
  20. Gingerbread houses with graham crackers
  21. Watch the Grinch and Eat popcorn
  22. Make Christmas cookies
  23. Decorate a white felt stocking
  24. Open presents from Mommy's Aunts and Uncles!

So, anyway, I just type these all up and print them on paper strips and stick them in this tree shaped drawer system. I found it last year when I was in the check out at Target. We have a Starbucks in ours and I saw the tree and knew I had to have it for Josh. I had been drooling over one of those really expensive wooden ones for awhile but this works great and I saved a ton of money! But really you could just make a paper chain like this easy but adorable idea!

Enjoy your holiday season!



The Freak of Nature said...

You make me laugh. You, lazy? Girl, I am the lazy one. I haven't done squat yet :O

Shannon said...

If it was not for little C coming every morning we would rarely be getting dressed. I so am missing my lazy mornings of bringing a breakfast tray up and watching movies in bed with Josh!
Now I am shoveling snow before breakfast! ugh!