Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Writing Workshop/Art Shelves!

So I never did find the shelving I was searching for, but it is always best to just make use of what you already have. Here is my plan

Here is what I did so far...What do you think???

I combined the art and writing shelves together since so many of the materials overlapped. It has been working really well for us so far. This shelf is in the dining room, underneath the bar that we have never used.

TOP SHELF~ Tray with letter stamps and stamp pad, sand tray with black sand, letter tracing with wipeoff pen, basket of assorted paper.

SECOND SHELF~ Stencils, Pencils and Pens, Colored Pencils, Sandpaper letters, Magnetic Drawing Board.

THIRD SHELF~ lowercase wooden pieces for HWT, basket of crayons, scissors and hole punch, markers, ruler.

FOURTH/BOTTOM SHELF~ Perler Beads Bucket and trays, Tackle box with craft items, notebooks on top of junk drawer.

I still have a few more things I want to add but it is sure nice to have it all up and running. When we do our Preschool time, the days we do not go down to the Montessori room, we do work at the dining table. So this set up works really great! SO what do you think? Any suggestions?


Jane said...

Hi! I am new to reading your blog. You have some great ideas!

I am happy to find out that they have the lower case wood pieces to make the letters! I just looked them up and plan on getting them...I currently have the original upper case ones from HWT, but I was really wanting the lower case. Thanks!

I recently started my own blog about our Montessori in our home...check it out if your interested!

Shannon said...

Jane, Thanks! Your little Pumpkin is adorable. The handwriting store I linked is actually local for me and I LOVE it! Great guy that makes the wood pieces himself. I added you to my reader. I am looking forward to getting to "know" you!

Koko's mama said...

Hey Shannon,

Thanks for the birthday wishes. We do need to hang out soon :)

Oh, and your writing workshop/art shelves are great! You always amaze me with your plans :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I love how open and accessible it is.

Shannon said...

Hey Thanks Chicky Mama! It is working great! He can just go in our dining room anytime he wants and write or draw pictures. LOVE IT!

CJ said...

I was thinking about putting together a art center and a writing center for my daughter. Thanks for sharing what you did.

Shannon said...

We are using ours everyday now! It is honestly the best thing I have done for his learning. The key for us has been the location. It works so well right in our dining area!