Wednesday, March 04, 2009

B-I-N-G-O and more games I love!

I just love finding fun ways to reinforce skills we are working on. I have found Bingo to be a great way to do just that. It really is a great game that can be played in a variety of ways depending on your needs! We own 3 different versions but have been able to use them since Josh was quite young and will be able to continue with just a few alterations to game play!

The first Bingo that I used with Joshua is the Colors and Shapes Bingo!

  • The first use is just to work on colors, "put your dot on a red shape!"
  • Next, working with shapes in the same way but still only using one parameter, "put your dot on a rectangle!"
  • Finally, to work on both skills and as a great LISTENING activity, "put your dot on a red rectangle!"

We also own Alphabet Bingo!

  • First use would be to just reinforce the letter you are learning, "put your dot on the letter t!"
  • Next to work on sounds, "put your dot on the letter that says /t/ or tuh!" (Montessori style would have you do these 2 activities the other way around learning the sound before the letter name.)
  • Another activity could be to help child to isolate sounds in words, "put your dot on the letter at the beginning of turtle or end of pot!"

Finally, and possibly the most flexible is Number Bingo!

  • First for number recognition, "put your dot on the 16!"
  • Addition, "put your dot on the answer to 8+8!"
  • Subtraction, multiplication, easy division....
  • Place Value, "put your dot on the number made from 1 ten and 6 ones!"

Also do not forget how easily the numbers, shapes and colors could be converted into a foreign language game, "put your dot on ocho, or verde, etc..."


Jenny said...

I also love these Bingo games! We have the alphabet and sight words Bingo games.

Shannon said...

Yeah...they are great fun!