Sunday, March 08, 2009

St Patrick's Day Planning

I am planning our next couple of weeks and thought I would share it with all of you! We are going to do a fun Leprechaun/Rainbow unit! Besides, if I post it here, I can plan on my laptop and print easily at the desk top computer...since we still do not have my laptop "printer ready!"

As always, this is just the list of activities I will pick from... not a list of everything we will do. There is no way we could do everything on this list! Besides, we will probably add other activities on days we are not "feeling it!"

Circle Time

Coloring Sheets

Practical Life


Language Arts


Crafty Ideas


Please, let me know if you find something on here that you use! Or if you find a great activity you will do with your Children!


Natasha Wing said...

Thanks for reading The Night Before St. Patrick's Day book for your circle time. Another parent said her kids were going to make leprechaun traps. If you have any good craft ideas from my book, please pass them along. I'd love to share them on my blog:

Shannon said...

Thanks for the comment! We have a Leprechaun craft planned that I will post in a few days!

Shannon said...

Pistachio Pudding, but does it have green dye?

Glitter a hat shape

Leprechaun guy using 3 green hearts for arms and legs

Rainbow books...duh!

Shannon said...

Shamrock Breadstick

Tiny Treasure Hunt

Shannon said...

Green toilet water, green shamrock glitter on the carpet like footprints, hmm what else?

Last year we had the "leprechauns" leave their teeny skateboards behind when they escaped from the trap! How can we top that???