Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Training Tuesday

Well it really flopped this week! Which seems to be a reoccurring theme!

Anyway, Josh is pretty independent (dresses himself, eats alone, picks up possessions, etc...)except in one huge area...BATHTIME! So far he has absolutely refused to do much of anything where this is concerned.

So today's undertaking was not without prior...well...uh...trauma.

All I wanted was to get him to wash his face with a washcloth...and if that went well...maybe a bit of a sponge bath with the washcloth.

Nope...uh uh...forget it! I could not even get him to put the cloth in the soapy water. Ugh!

No worries though! He comes by his stubborn tendencies honestly and I will just keep at it until he gives up the fight! (hmm, not too Montessori but sheesh!)

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Alycia in Va. said...

Hope things get better with bath time. We allow Alex about 15 mins of free play time before we even begin washing anything. We also put on some of her favorite tunes and that helps to get her in a easy mood.

Shannon said...

I tried letting him play first at bathtime but it generally works better for us if he gets to play after he gets his hair washed. Sort of bribery at its finest... UGH!

Music? may need to try that...soothing the savage beast, right?

jojoebi said...

Ebi-kun hates having his hair washed too - the rest of him is ok though :o)

I have tagged you..


Shannon said...

Thanks Jo! I will do it later today!