Thursday, March 05, 2009


Been a weird couple of weeks and not really looking as if it will calm down too much! SO... I thought I would just provide all my lame excuses now and apologize ahead of time for crazy, sporadic posting!

My list of crazy-making~

  1. Started with my husband's job becoming risk. (And the constant stress that caused!)

  2. The continuing search for the perfect Kindergarten, we have applied for a place in 3 different schools with LONG waiting lists. We will find out next week where we fall on the list for 2 of the 3, and the 3rd a few weeks later.

  3. I finally convinced Andrew to call a Friend who had previously offered him a job.

  4. Andrew's interview etc... done on the sly.

  5. The job offer and our decision to yes accept.

  6. Waiting to tell the new place or anyone else because of insurance issues. (A has type 1 diabetes which = $$$$)

  7. Newest craziness is deciding if we should try and sell our house to move closer to new job in "these trying economic times!"

It will all work out but for now it is making me on edge to say the least! We are really looking forward to Spring and I will end this rant with a Spring like picture!

Here is Josh playing outside yesterday! Can you see him squinting in the sun?


Melissa said...

I'm sorry you have so much stress! I hope things will all work out great for you, and I hope you'll be back regularly soon. I miss you :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Melissa! Sure hope you are feeling better!

Marikje said...

Shan...I can feel where you are coming from. I would love to hear more about the potential move. Maybe we can get together over our Spring Break.

Shannon said...

Hey Marikje,
We are just thinking NW of GR. And yes, I would LOVE to see you!

Alycia in Va. said...

we too are doing the big kindergarten search....I have to remind myself constantly that school is really just a suppliment to the things I do with DD and not the other way around- so regardless of where she goes, it's gonna all work out just fine.

Shannon said...

You are right Alycia! Good perspective to have on it.