Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Treasure Jars

I COMPLETELY forgot to let you all know about how we won a cool Treasure Jar from Nicki's Treasure Jars. It was one of those things... when it arrived I had no idea who the package might be from and was EXTREMELY happy that it was not diabetic supplies (our usual delivery item)!

Anyway, Nicki from Slow Down, Gym Shoe!, is starting up a new business making Treasure Jars for Children. They are a Jar filled with fun items that she bases on the information you give her about the child. I told her that Josh was a 4 year old boy who liked Lego's and Star Wars. I had no idea what she would be able to do with that info but she really did quite well. In our Jar was a super cute stuffed dog, a bubble maker (battery included!), a balloon launcher, and a Star Wars Paint by Water book. The Jar itself was decorated with Josh's name and a bunch of space themed stickers.

Josh has yet to use most of it since we are still trying to ease our way out of Winter here in MI but it is all pretty cool stuff that we will really enjoy once we can spend anytime outside. He does LOVE the dog...which I never would have anticipated. He named him Simon and carries him all over.

She is also providing her costumers with the opportunity to buy a Treasure Jar for sick Children through a a reduced cost.

If you are interested...check her out at!

Oh, and Thanks Nicki!

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