Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My New Felt Board Activity!

Making our Felt Board Addition Activity

Materials needed

All you need to do is cut out at least 2 sets of simple shapes. I picked orange felt fish, lime green turtles, and yellow stars. (I will probably do a few more sets just to add some variety!) I used stencils for tracing shapes and made a few patterns myself just to keep the shapes identical.
Next, I cut out 2 sets of numbers 1-9 but will need to add 0's, and a few more 1's, and 2's for addition work. Also a + - and = symbol. See the picture below to get an understanding of how the board is used.

Just for fun I am planning on cutting out other shapes and pictures for quiet time activities to get more use of the board.

Some more ideas...









jojoebi said...

brilliant! I was just sitting here trying to think of some new activities to occupy little one and this one I LIKE - I have a bag of felt right ext to me....off to finn my scissors ;o)

Shannon said...

you are so inspiring I am glad I got to give you an idea for once!

lynnette said...

Great idea! I always seem to forget about some of the most basic materials for making learning more exciting. thanks for sharing!