Saturday, October 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ October 26

I just noticed I have not posted a menu in almost a month! I guess it has been busy/crazy. I had the flu, parent teacher conferences, volunteering in Josh's class twice a week, 2 dental appointments (got a crown), and Josh had a fever for a few days; not to mention that Andrew has been working long hours. Mostly it has been good...except when I was very sick.

So I am going to post a month long menu for November (prob. December too). Trying to save a bit of time during the holiday season. I am also scheduling certain types of meals for certain days...trying to simplify and avoid the crazy!
Monday= Mexican
Tuesday= Italian
Wednesday= Misc...
Thursday= Chicken
Friday= Pizza
Saturday= Misc...
Sunday= Breakfast

  1. Omelets/Bacon
  2. Empanadas
  3. Chicken Parmigiana
  4. Polish Sausage w/ Macaroni & Cheese
  5. Easy Chicken & Gravy with mashed potatoes
  6. Pepperoni-rolls
  7. Family Party
  8. French Toast & Sausage
  9. Taquitos and salad
  10. Lasagna
  11. Chicken Chili & Cornbread
  12. Savory chicken roll ups/
  13. Take out Pizza!
  14. Hot Dogs
  15. Egg in a hole
  16. Nachos
  17. Spaghetti
  18. New recipe...yet to be determined
  19. Cream Cheese Crockpot Chicken
  20. Garlic Bread Pizza
  21. EAT OUT!!!!
  22. Bacon pull aparts
  23. Taco cornbread pizza
  24. Skillet pasta
  25. Chicken Fingers & fries
  26. Thanksgiving!
  27. Pizza
  28. Leftover Turkey Shepard's Pie
  29. Breakfast Pizza
  30. Tacos

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