Friday, June 13, 2008

The Dangers of Crafts!

So, yesterday Josh had his 4 year old appt. with his Pediatrician. He is a pretty healthy kid so we were not in the least concerned about anything, as a matter of fact, he had not even been to the Dr since his 3yo appt.

Anyway, the appt. was going along quite normally. You know...he was weighed and measured, blood pressure taken, heart and breathing listened too, etc... Then she got out the little flashlight scope thing to look in his ears. She checks out the left, looks good. She checks out the right and makes a little huh sound. She explains that she sees a foreign object in there and thinks it is a rock. OY!

So, we question Josh a bit and try to figure out what it actually might be, he immediately tells us that he put ???? in his ear awhile ago when making an owl! He could not tell us what it was and I have NO memory of him ever making an owl??!! matter what it was, it needed to come out! So the DR tried to use a long handled tiny scoop to grab it out. No Luck! Josh just screamed and cried in pain. (It was so awful!) Then she thought maybe they might be able to wash it out and had the nurse come in and squirt water in his ear. Which of course made him scream and cry some more! (and he is NOT a kid who cries easy!) At about this time, I had ENOUGH! So, I asked if I could see it for myself. I immediately thought it looked like one of those tiny craft pompoms. I suggested maybe they could just grab it with tweezers and since, at this point they were out of options. They decided to give it a try!

Thankfully, it worked immediately, she reached right in and grabbed it right out! Well, it turned out to not be a pompom but was actually a little piece of black fun foam. So strange...we do not even have that color so I can not for the life of me figure out when or where he put it in!

What a trauma! The appt. lasted for about and 1hr and 20 minutes. He was also supposed to get shots but we decided to just do it in a year since these were just the ones you need to get before Kindergarten. And...honestly, he was just too horrified. He even told the Dr that he did not care to come back again and that he did not really like it there! At least, he mostly used good manners! No one can really blame him for being honest!

Hopefully, he learned his lesson! So...have your kids ever put anything in their ears or noses?



MerrandaVK said...

My daughter use to put things up her nose ALL THE TIME. She couldn't be left alone with tissue or paper or cereal, or she'd rip it up to shredds and put it up her nose. Thankfully we always caught her and were able to get it out ourselves with tweezers (thankfully she always sat very still for us). She is past this phase thankfully! OY!

Good thinking mom to use the tweezers! Poor kiddo.

Shannon said...

I sure hope we do not have a repeat performance! Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

OH-MY-GOSH. Do I have stories?! Um, yeah, too many to recount. His favorite is/(hopefully WAS) peanuts and/or raisins. Now, if you ask, "what goes up your nose?" He says, "only my finger." and he's quite good at that. :)

Megret said...

OH, yes. I have a story! The first time my hubby and I left for an extended trip from the kids (our youngest was not even 1 yet), I got a call from my mother-in-law telling me our 2-1/2-year-old son shoved a huge wad of blue play-doh in his ear.

When asked why, he said "Grandmama was making milkshakes with the blender, and it was loud, so I put in my headphones like Granddaddy does in his workshop."

I had given over medical release, but I had to call in our insurance information to our pediatrician, and she had to take him for a pricier Saturday visit the next morning to get it taken out! :0)

You just never know what they'll do!

Shannon said...

Oh No! I guess we were lucky...we had no idea it was even in his ear. The DR said his ear was not even red. And we suspect it has been in awhile!