Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

We went to the Thrift store on Monday this week. I had avoided the store last week because they were having their bag of books for $2 sale! You know, thinking that if I buy anymore books we may need to add on to the house! So anyway, apparently they had decided to extend the sale!

Soooooo...I bought about 1/2 a bag of books. Apparently, I only have half the self control I need! I also picked up 2 cushions that will be perfect for making these situpons this weekend. I spent $4 total!

As far as donations go...I brought about 5 boxes of clothing, etc... after our yard sale the weekend before last. I am already working on another box to bring in a couple of weeks.

We have finally decided to give up on having yard sales. I love to shop them but sitting there all day and not selling much is not worth it to me. As Andrew pointed out, if you just get a receipt at the thrift store you will be able to take more off your taxes then you have EVER made at a yard sale!


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MerrandaVK said...

I left a thank you on my bread making post. Great Share!