Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday's Wonderful Ideas!

Hi all, I guess I have a bit of writer's block, teacher's block, etc... We have actually gone shopping 2 WHOLE days this week. That is really not like me! Honestly, the weather here has been really yucky. It is either rainy, about to be rainy, or too wet to play outside/do nature study! SUMMER WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway...trying to shake off the is a list of wonderful ideas shared by some of you that I am looking forward to trying!

Frozen grape pops! Hot summer days here we come!
Peanut butter granola balls! YUMMY
A Volcano! Josh will love making this volcano!
The Chore Bucket Worth a try...we have been majorly slacking on keeping up with his chores!
Balloon Balls This is exactly what I need for the fall, may help him to focus so I can try circle time again!
Peanut butter milkshakes and especially the Kid's cookbook idea! Is there a bit of a theme with all this food??? I think a cookbook is a must...hmm...I think I just got an idea???
Chewy granola bars See Above!!!
Recycled Paper shapes Great for our end of summer study of composting etc...

Hope you find some inspiration!

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