Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our First Week

No...we have not started back to preschool...but we did just finish our first week with our new little one (C??). (Sorry, have not come up with a bloggy name for him yet.)

Anyway, it went pretty well. I built short shelves for our family room Sunday night right before bed. I grabbed several baskets and put some of the Montessori inspired items on the shelves for his use this week. I really did not know what to expect...since I had only met the child once a few weeks ago. But honestly, everything went really smoothly.

I think, once our classroom and outer room are finished...preschool will work okay with both boys downstairs.

On C's Shelves right now

  • FP Farm (Language)
  • Basket of FP Farm animals (Language)
  • Basket of different textured/sized/type Balls (Sensorial)
  • Stacking Rings (Practical Life)
  • Basket of Musical Instruments (Sensorial)
  • Basket of Stuffed friends (Language)
  • Basket of Cars (Gross Motor)
  • Basket of Books (Language)
  • Shape sorter (Sensorial/Practical Life)
  • and next to shelf is a FP walker. (Gross Motor)

Tonight, Andrew and I, finished the carpet in the outer room (new Rec room??) and moved in the futon from the classroom. Which will give me a TON more room in the classroom!!! It will also be nice to have it in the room where C's stuff will be.

I have a ton of more work to do but I will post pics of everything very soon!

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