Friday, August 15, 2008


who did you have lunch with today????

By the way...he loved the new Clone Wars movie. I was not sure about taking him but read through a bunch of reviews aimed at families etc... Anyway, they made me think it was a bit violent but along the lines of the original movies. In truth, it was not too bad and he did LOVE it.

(Although, I do think the reviewers may want to read this before suggesting that the violence is only with robotic creatures...Clone Trooper are humans...they are just clones!) Humpf...I tell ya...what you learn/know just by giving birth to a male child!


Paul and Ines said...

Hi Shannon,
I have visited your blog & haven't left a comment...but when I saw "the Star Wars guys" I just had to. My son loves Star Wars...he (like your son) can give info I never knew of / or even wonder how he learned itabout Star Wars. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the movie..I might have to go. We have a collection like yours. They really should stop making "the little guys"..
..but if they did what would I get my son as a present??? :)

Shannon said...

I know what you mean! Josh has so many. And eventually...he will get his Daddy's Star Wars action figures and vehicles!

Thanks for the comment!