Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Return to Reality!

You may know, we have been on vacation this past week. But, sadly, it is pretty much over. At least that is what our crazy Michigan weather is telling us. We were supposed to camp tonight but the high today was something like 68'...I think I heard it was a record breaker for this day in July! So anyway, I do not camp in the cold!

The rest of our vacation has been really great though! ...even the weather!

We had a ton of fun and are now exhausted and pretty much ready to go back to our "regularly scheduled programming."

We decided this year to just jump on the stay cation bandwagon and try and save a bit of money. So we played tourists in West Michigan...mostly. If you are local...or just interested...we...

  • Drove to the Detroit area. Ate at the Rainforest Cafe (Josh's fave place from our last vacation), visited Andrew's family, and (of course) went to Ikea. Fun time!
  • On the way home, we headed to Binder Park Zoo, one of our favorite local zoos...the Africa area is amazing!
  • Tuesday was our 11th wedding anniversary. We headed to Lake Michigan/Duck Lake and had a great day at the beach. Duck lake is great for young families because the water is warm where Lake Mi stays pretty cold.
  • We took a day off from our day tripping and caught the newest Harry Potter Movie! Josh even dressed up as HP for the movie.
  • Thursday found us back on the road as we headed to Michigan Adventure Amusement Park. Fun but expensive!
  • Friday we were so tired, we caught a few garage sales and just took it easy. We had a sitter in the evening to celebrate our anniversary but just ended up getting takeout and watching a movie at home.
  • Today, we had a graduation open house with my extended family...nice to catch up with everyone, but like I mentioned, sure could have been warmer.

Right now Josh is reading a Magic School Bus book to Andrew and then heading up to bed. I have a TON of house related things to do...(read, my house is trashed because I refused to clean on vacation!). I also, have several blog posts to write...including a review of a super cute rug. Talk to you all after I dig a path through this mess!



Joanne said...

Sounds like you had a great time, weather aside ;-) I haven't been to Duck Lake in years! Sounds fun! Happy 11th anniversary, too.

Shannon said...

Thanks Jo! I miss living so close to the Lake!

Stephie C said...

Happy 11th Anniversary you guys! Sounds like you had a great staycation :)