Monday, July 20, 2009

Rug Review!

So awhile back, I was contacted by this really cool company They were wondering if I was interested in reviewing an area rug here on my blog.

Silly question! Of course I want you to send me an entirely free rug and allow me to share my opinion with my friends. It was way harder of a task than I anticipated however. I had to choose from thousands of rugs! Their selection is UNBELIEVABLE!

I just loved this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and that is only a sample of the kid's rugs I was interested in. I drooled over the regular rugs as well!

Obviously, I picked this gorgeous United States Map rug pictured above. I knew we would love it but I have to admit that I was pretty shocked by how nice it actually turned out to be! Let me share why...

  • Company~ csnrugs was extremely helpful and willing to work with me throughout the entire "negotiating process." The rug arrived very fast and I was super impressed with the packaging...don't you just hate the way some companies wrap and pack and waste so much! Not with csnrugs it was just protected with a bit of plastic and labeled!
  • Texture~ This rug is much softer than I expected. We have other Children's rugs and they are often rough. But this rug is actually soft enough to lay/lean on, even with my sensitive red head skin!
  • Size~ It is a large 3'3'' x 4'10''. Nice big rug! Great to throw in a bedroom, playroom, or learning room. I would have even loved this for my classroom when I still taught. It is big enough for a group to gather around!
  • Clean up~ Okay...I admit it, just in case you are wondering, if the rug gets vomited on it cleans up very easily. The stain came right out with a clorox (the trees are dying!!! the guilt!) wipe!
  • Quality~ Bright bold colors, great size, soft to the touch and even cleans up easily!

Oh and they have an ENTIRE line of educational rugs!

So, are you wondering how we are using ours?

I quickly printed off some State cards that include the name and outline of all the states (also cards with each state capital but we set those aside for now). We are currently matching the abreviations with the names. I also plan to pull out the state quarters to match and the cards that contain all the state info, like these under State nomenclature. Oh yeah, and I might just let him drive a car along the road too!

We love our new rug and if you are in the market yourself, please check out my new friends at they will treat you right and are sure to have just what you need!



Stephie C said...

Aww that rug is WAY cool!!!! Love it!

Shannon said...

Thanks Steph! Now if we can just get our new flooring down so we can find it a real home!

A Frugal Friend said...

That is such an amazing rug! Congrats on such a great opportunity! Thanks for stopping by A Frugal Friend.....I'll be checking out those book titles for back to school...sound cute!