Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I have nothing to say, well that is not true...I just have nothing INTERESTING to say. And, if you know me in real life (rl) you will know I have never let that stop me! So....

  1. Internet Explorer is apparently not happy with Blogger. I can not seem to make them talk and behave together. Which is frustrating and making it really hard for me to post anything with a lot of links in it. Which includes my October post for science.
  2. Tomorrow is October! When did that happen?
  3. This year October means 2 things to me instead of just one. My usual and I start working in Josh's class...on Friday...
  4. I am nervous about starting Friday. I just do not feel prepared! AT ALL! I am running the entire Accelerated Reader (sorry no link!) program for his class. Should be interesting since I have not actually seen AR at all in about 10 years. Then, only briefly.
  5. Remember me complaining about our brand newish furnace leaking? STILL NOT FIXED! It has been about 2 weeks.
  6. Now the Kitchen sink...with the newish faucet is leaking...or at least it was until the plumber came and fixed it this morning. It was under $100 which is good but the broken part only costs $.40. Oh least it is fixed.
  7. Josh is HILARIOUS and so is all of life in his eyes...or at least that is what he tells us and everyone who will listen.
  8. It seems like everyone I know is either pregnant or just had a baby. (Congrats BL!)
  9. Anybody want to buy my house? Please!
  10. Next week, Josh's teacher is coming for a home visit.
  11. Josh has sold $68 worth of his toys on ! And several more to go.
  12. He bought a batcave with some of his money...ugh, here Fisher-Price Super Friends Batcave (don't ask how long that link took!)
  13. I usually have several Christmas gifts purchased. This year? ZERO!
  14. I have a lot of things going on that are unbloggable and are weighing on my heart.

Thanks for the indulgence of a whiny list! I will try to get the October Science posted this week!


Marikje Hill said...

You are not the only of my friends with a heavy heart...I hope things get better soon. Don't worry about Christmas...plenty of time!

Shannon said...

Thanks, I miss you!

Stephie C said...

You are going to do amazing helping in Josh's class!!!! Sorry you are feeling down! We really need to set up a time to get together even if we just meet out for lunch somewhere (since we are obviously in moving chaos this month).

Shannon said...

Thanks Steph! I will email you later!