Friday, September 11, 2009

What we have been up to...

FYI, I wrote this and scheduled it BEFORE school started!

We finally got our new flooring put in! My Cousin and Uncle do flooring for a living and did an amazing job! We are really happy with it...too bad we do not plan to be here long enough to enjoy it. We are officially getting our house ready to be put on the market!! Which means we are painting and cleaning and trying to get everything ready!

Josh has been playing outside quite a bit. Especially since we have been out there painting the garage etc... the past few days. This picture is funny though, check out the garden gloves and light saber!

Always doing some learning activity! This set is pretty cool. You can sort the animals into kingdoms, or habitat. Animal Habitats Game (appears unavailable, which is really sad because it is wonderful!)
Can you read that? It says, "Poop did not come out with marble." Josh swallowed a marble a week or so ago. It sounds like it was an accident but the whole thing was a bit of a nightmare. At first, we thought it might be a magnet. But it turned out to be just a metal marble that comes from a magnet set. He passed it pretty quick, in just 2 days, but I had to "retrieve it" to be sure it passed. On an interesting note, Poison Control called me everyday to check out that things were okay and to provide any support we might need. They were incredibly helpful!
FYI, 1-800-222-1222.

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