Saturday, September 19, 2009

Falling into Fall!

In all honesty, I am struggling a bit right now trying to find a rhythm for our days. We have a lot going on.

Josh has started school. He is really enjoying it and thinks his teacher is hillarious. (his words!) What that means for me is that I am now spending 1 hour in the car everyday just getting him back and forth. That time does not include wait time. And I can not believe all the after school/evening meetings!

We are getting our home ready to be sold. Which means oh so many projects. Painting, cleaning, power washing, priming, sanding, etc...

Then there is the life happens category. Things like normal living... Which also includes our newish furnace leaking mysteriously, and my new project of selling all our unwanted stuff on craigslist.

So what is suffering? Oh, you know... dishes, laundry... the normal stuff.

We are doing pretty good at keeping up with our at home school. We are working along at our human body study. The Story of the World is also going great. I keep adding more and more to it because we are really enjoying it. All we have done for geography is put together our new NA geopuzzle. (love it by the way but more on that later!)

So that is what we are up to! How is Fall treating you?


aly in va said...

I'm having similar struggles. By the time I pick up both girls from their schools (nursery & montessory) it's about an hour. Housework has definetly gone by the wayside...and I agree with the meetings. We've had something about every other week that's required an additional 2-3 evening hours (montessori education, parents mtg, meet the teacher, class picnic, etc.) All great- but tiring poor mommy out :(

Shannon said...

2 meetings this week, 2 dentist appts. and many requests for money! Welcome to school!