Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday's Website

Ooooh look what I "stumbled upon"!
KidsTuff Kids Chair!!!

What sweet little perfect for little ones.

And, the price seems really reasonable!


Stephie C said...

OOh lady don't get me started on etsy I spend HOURS on there adding stuff to my faves all the time haha! I have I don't even know how many different owl items for baby saved already LOL! But yes those chairs are a great price!

Shannon said...

If you are really interested Steph let me know. The builder lives near you. (actually, I think you know his son!)

lynnette said...

I saw that same design in The Joyful Child catalog. This price seems much more reasonable! My brother made one for my son, but of course it took a lot of time. Great find!

jojoebi said...

Hi Shannon,
I couldn't find your email address sorry.
I have recently been asked by a new-to-Montessori mom of a toddler, where to start? She is overwhelmed by the amount of equipment and information available. I started to reply but it ended up more like a long essay, so I scraped that idea and thought that it would be better to gather advice from a number of people.
I scheduled a post for Oct. 1st with my top 5 tips, as you are a Montessori mother I would love it if you could share your top tips too.
You could either email me your tips or write your own post and I can link to it.

It would be lovely to have your tips too but I understand if you are too busy,

all the best,

Shannon said...

I will try to throw a post together by Monday. Hope that is soon enough!