Friday, December 21, 2007

Mama's revenge! (that absolutely did NOT work out!) staying home with Joshua has an array of wonderful perks! However, I truly get tired of playing cars, pirates, castle-guys, Lego's and many, many other boy like activities he just loves. Now do not get me wrong...I know what a special gift this time is with him, but I can not help but occasionally wish for a calmer, more "Shannon like" activity. Know what I mean?

So anyway, we were down in the preschool room a few days ago. He was making a Santa paper bag puppet and I was working on rearranging, again! Well, anyway, I discovered the shelf where I had dumped, I mean carefully placed, a bunch of games from my teaching days. On that shelf was an old favorite I used to play quite frequently with the girls in my classroom, Pretty. Pretty Princess! It is really quite fun and so easy!

So begins my plan! I grabbed the game and told Josh I had just found a new game we could play later. He just loves games so was pretty excited. Well, to make a long story short, not only did he TOTALLY love the game (Now called Pretty, pretty Prince!) He BEAT ME!

I think I am officially dethroned. I have suspected it for a long time but I think it is finally clear and obvious. There is new royalty around here! Luckily, as we all know from World History class, The royal family is mostly just for show. Because, no matter what Josh may believe, Daddy and I are still in charge! may go! :)


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