Saturday, December 15, 2007

Potty Trained!!!!! is finally over. Josh is fully and completely potty trained. He sleeps in big boy underwear and, of course, wears them all day long! What a process!

Honestly though, it seems to me that we adults sure make it way longer and more frustrating than it needs to be. I can not even tell you the number of times I was asked if he was potty trained yet or not and, unfortunately, I let all that pressure get to me. I truly can only blame myself. I know that children will do it when they are ready...I even replied to the masses that he was just not ready yet. For goodness sake, he is only 3 years old. Not a Fourth grader or anything!

But still we set up sticker charts and nagged incessantly about just trying to go like a big boy. Well, as most children do, he showed us. When he was good and ready he finally just started going all on his own with out being bribed or nagged. GO FIGURE!

Ooh, funny story, a week or so ago, he says to me, "Mommy, I am going to wear underwear tonight, I have practiced enough!" (We had been insisting on pull-ups, to practice, since I was tired of getting up to change and wash sheets.) And sure enough, he has stayed dry ever since.

Well lesson learned and probably a good one to keep in mind as he grows and his own pace :) Not mine!

To celebrate, we took a surprise trip to the Build a bear store today! Great fun! Check out the pic below to see who he picked as his new friend. We are very proud and figure the money we will save not buying diaper etc... can certainly afford a cool treat like that and a fun lunch out with Mommy & Daddy!

By the way, we got a great deal on Shrek. He is usually $23 doll only. But today it was $20 for doll, sound, and outfit. If this is something your kids just love to do, it would definitely be worth finding out what their deals are before you go! We just lucked out and this is the one he chose!


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