Thursday, September 04, 2008

How we Made it Work for US!

The Pink Tower is a wonderful Sensorial Montessori work. We really wanted to include it in our classroom. However, I had 2 problems with it. First, it is pink...I hate pink and I have a boy whose favorite color is black. He is a boys boy and with risk of sounding a bit is pink! Second, $35.00...need I say more???

So anyway, when we started on this journey, the summer Josh turned 3, I was busy trying to gather what I needed and get everything ready. One lovely morning I was out shopping the garage sales when I stumbled upon...

It is PERFECT for us. Here is a description and close up picture! The really great unexpected charm of the blocks is that the inside of each block is decorated like a different room of a house. Josh just loves this. He builds the tower (because you need to use the material correctly before you can "experiment") then he grabs our tiny math bears and creates wonderful homes for them with amazing stories for each. So the activity turns into a language exercise.

Oh, and by the way $4.00! You know how I love a good deal!

So, once again...that is how we made it work for US!


MerrandaVK said...

OH SHANNON, we have the SAME nesting blocks/"pink tower" set. and we LOVE it!!! We also, got it for $3.50 at Once Upon a Child..

Oh and your shelves look pretty amazing!!! I wish I had more room to a shelf for each.

Super Fun Mama said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I'd found a similiar one but I like this one more. It is very neat! I agree about for the classroom but at home I try to go as economical as possible (one income family). I am pretty sure I'm going to get this. Thanks! Candice