Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Our New Shelves!

This is our Culture shelf. Since we are not really starting anything (subject wise) right now it mostly has work from last year. So while we establish routines, he can choose (starting on the top left)
The globe
Continent cards
Planet cards
Stamping work
Magnifying glass
Magnet building
Magnet work
Land~Water~Air work
Beading work
Pattern Blocks
Watercolor painting
Continent puzzle

Next is our Sensorial shelf, this is the least used...any suggestions?
(starting on the top left)
Geo Solids
Knob less cylinders (need to print extensions still!)
Broad Stair
The not pink tower
Scent bottles
Unifix cubes
Sound bottles
Cuissenaire rods
Color box 2
fabric matching
touch boards
mystery bag

Our Language shelf...
Non metal insets
What doesn't belong cards (association)
Name practice wipe off card
Sand tray
Sandpaper letters
visual discrimination cards
Stamp word making work
Our pink work is on a different shelf system with the sound bags etc... Will post that soon!

Math shelf...
Base Ten Blocks (instead of golden beads)
New scale!
Tangrams with sheets
Paper chain counting work from Childcare Land!
Geo board work
Our version of the spindle boxes
Money sort
Constructive Triangles
Other math work...like hundreds board and addition snake game will come out later.

Practical Life shelf...
Nuts and bolts
sand pour (just as a refresher! Water in a few days with real pitchers!)
water dropper work
penny wash
rice sweeping
ant tweezing
NEW hammering work
New cutting work
sewing work
Our dressing frames are around but have not found a home yet!


Melissa said...

It looks fantastic!!! You have a great variety of materials. Can you tell me more about your planet cards? Are they matching cards?

Paul and Ines said...

I love it...your mini class...do you have friends visit or is it just your son?

Shannon said...

The planet cards are just a set I picked up at Target in their Dollar spot last year. I like them though because they have great pictures and more info on the back. You could always buy 2 and match them!

Shannon said...

Paul and Ines
It is just us and a 10 month old I am taking care of. Little C sleeps through most of our classtime and plays in the outer rec room when he is awake!

The Freak of Nature said...

Wow, it looks great! Can't wait to see it someday :)