Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sound Bags

This is my version of the sound bags. I just bought tiny paper bags at a party store, lowercase letter stickers at , and filled them with the appropriate items (beginning with the letter sound on bag) that I found around the house.

As you can see for /f/ I have frog, frame, fish, flower, five, and fire truck. I have also included a small letter f cut from felt.

I store them all in a cart on wheels, so that Josh can just grab one or two depending on what he is doing with them. The middle "drawer" has a large white sheet of felt and 2 sets of sound picture cards that I want him to work on that week. (he sorts them)

He actually chooses this work pretty frequently. He likes all the tiny items in the bags. He also gets a kick out of the items I have "borrowed" from him.


jojoebi said...

great post!
I will be linking. If you don't want to be featured please let me know.
The Montessori Goldmine

Shannon said...

Thanks Jo! That would be fine!

The Activity Mom said...

great idea! visiting from montessori goldmine

Shannon said...

Thanks! I just visited your blog and am excited to try out some og your 6+ ideas with my guy this summer!